About Us

Who We Are

We exist to GLORIFY God in all things, by PROCLAIMING the GOSPEL of Christ to all people, so their lives are TRANSFORMED for all time.

We are Baptist in Denomination

We are a local congregation that aligns with and participates in the Southern Baptist Convention.

We are Congregational in Polity

We are elder led, deacon served, and congregationally governed.

We are Confessional in Doctrine

We hold to the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) as a summary statement of our beliefs.

We are Covenantal in Membership

Church membership matters, and because it matters members must affirm the responsibilities and expectations of membership and agree to submit to and be held accountable to and by the church.

We are Expositional in Preaching

We believe that the lost are saved and Christians are grown when the Bible is preached and taught as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.

We are Focused in Mission

We exist to glorify God in all things, by proclaiming the gospel of Christ to all people, so their lives are transformed for all time. We believe it is our mission as a local church to live out that purpose in Southern Indiana, the Louisville area, and around the world!

Membership Reinforcing our Commitment
Membership Reinforcing our Commitment

FBC Henryville takes membership in our church very seriously because we take unity, commitment, and the gospel seriously. One way we seek to observe and protect our unity and faithfulness to the gospel is by having very clear expectations for all individuals who seek membership with our church. These expectations are published in our Covenant of Fellowship. Each person who joins our church is expected to participate in a new member class.