FBC Henryville Family,


Hello FBC Family! We greatly miss you and long to worship in the house of the Lord with you again. As we are sure that you  well know, Gov. Holcomb has just released his five phase plan to Get Indiana Back on Track. We are currently in phase one, but will be entering phase two on Monday, May 4th. In this second phase, Holcomb is allowing a limited number of folks to gather back together in public. Many churches, in light of this, are going to be reopening their doors to their congregations. However, FBC Henryville will not be. During phase two we are still going to be operating as we have been in phase one and use this time as a period of observation and data gathering.


As pastors, Hebrews calls us to exercise oversight of the flock as those who are to give an account. Out of love, we are exercising this oversight in hopes to protect and serve FBC Henryville as God would have us. That includes both physical protection and spiritual protection. It is true that we deeply desire to come back together and worship. However, it is not wise or loving to rush back into the gathering only to endanger each other. Our love for neighbor is still governing our hearts. 


With all that being said, we want to be prudent and watch and wait. We ask that in the meantime you pray for us as we seek to be wise stewards. We want to make an informed decision and feel that the only way to do that is to watch and see what effects there are from transitioning to phase two. Do understand that even when we do come back, we will be returning with heavy restrictions and guidelines. As we watch and observe we will keep you updated on our thoughts about when we will be coming back and how that will look. In the meantime, the pastors will be seeking to prepare the church, in a controlled manner, for our return.


If you have any questions please call us!


In Love,


The Pastors