From the Pastors and Deacons 

FBC Henryville Family,


The Pastors and Deacons have gathered to discuss a plan of action in response to the  COVID-19 pandemic. We have decided that the most loving and wise response for our congregation and our community is to exclusively hold services online. We also will not be having any extra curricular activities of First Baptist Church Henryville, such as, Small Groups, Sunday School, or other Events planned at the church. We will be reconvening every week to determine the best course of action for our gatherings based on the information we have at that time. 


While this was not an easy decision, we do believe that it is the correct one. We want to navigate wisely between two unhelpful extremes. There is one reaction to this virus that is filled with anxiety and fear. That is not what motivates our hearts in this decision, rather peace and trust in God (Phil 4:4-7). There is another side that can downplay the gravity of this virus. We certainly don’t want to do that either, as that does not love our neighbor well (Matt 22:36-40). We encourage you to do the same.


We also want to honor our governing authorities (Rom 13:1-3) as they have advised us on the Indiana Department of health website


“Non-essential gatherings of 250 people or more should be postponed or canceled. This includes any event or gathering of people who are in a single room or single space at the same time, such as an auditorium, cafeteria, church, stadium, arena, large conference room, or meeting hall. This would include gatherings such as concerts, conferences, social and community events.” 


Though it is certainly not ideal, we are grateful to God for the technology available so that we can worship together through livestream. A couple of practical guidelines for you during this time period:


  1. Be ready on Saturday night for Sunday morning worship. Pray, read the passage, have your device ready, and make sure you are ready to take notes well. Poise yourself at home as if you were in person gathering.

  2. Participate in the worship service by standing and singing, following along with the reading, giving online, praying with us, and listening carefully during the preaching. 

    • The staff will still be here during regular business hours so if you don’t feel comfortable giving online, then you can come by the church and drop it off with us. Or mail in your tithes to: P.O. Box 87 Henryville, IN 47126.

    • We will be streaming our other services as well and encourage you to listen online.


While we aren’t gathering in person, we are still a family in Christ. If there is anything that you need during this time, please get ahold of one of the pastors or deacons and we would love to serve you.