Missionary Prayer Letters

First Baptist Church Henryville desires to be a missions passioned people! We believe that a passion for the gospel demands a passion to take the good news of the gospel to our town, community, state, nation, and world. Our heart’s cry is that as we seek to glorify God we will be driven to make his great name and love known to all peoples.

One of the many ways we participate in missions is by being active in prayer for missionaries around the world. We encourage daily prayer for missionaries serving in North America and in nations around our world, and as we are sent prayer letters from missionaries we like to post them here so our people can read them and be encouraged in their prayers.

Ms. Kathy Greene regularly sends update prayer letters to us. She was born and raised in Henryville and has been a longtime member of FBC Henryville. She is currently serving with the International Mission Board in South America. Her prayer letters are a regular part of this page, but we also will be posting letters from other missionaries as we receive them:

Kathy Greene: South America

April 2013

My FBC Henryville Family,

I hope you are doing well and had a blessed Easter.

Tom Eliff, the president of the IMB has challenged the SBC, including those of us on the field, to pray more for international missions. In keeping with this challenge, I will be trying to send you (my home church) a “Field Prayer Request” every other month. I would ask the church family to lift these requests up to the Lord on behalf of the ministry here. I will also continue to work with my Stateside Prayer Advocates to send you our regular Prayer Letters, as we have been doing.

I value your prayers—that is what keeps all of us on the field. May God bless each one as you continue to serve Him.

I will put the first “Field Prayer Request” here below:

Please pray for the Bible Storying Training that our team holds twice a month in a river town. Pray that God would give us Bible Storying participants from two unreached people groups: the T people and the R people. Please pray that people in these two groups will come to know God and will take His message of love to other unevangelized groups.

Thank you so much for praying.

In Him,


David Snyder: Macedonia

April 2013

Lord willing, this will be the last newsletter I write from the United States.

Many of you have been praying for my visa. Good news on that front: I was told a couple of days ago that my visa has been approved! There are still a few steps between that approval and having the visa in-hand, but it looks like those can be completed before the 28th.

I am deeply grateful for the prayers, support, encouragement, and genuine friendship people have extended to me during this time of preparation.

One thing I have learned…scratch that, am learning is that preparations done in faith become acts of faithlessness done in fear. I woke up at 3AM this morning with 100 different things on my mind. I couldn’t go back to sleep. After hours of stewing over details, I had to remind myself that God is my refuge, not my plans. That was consoling. I still didn’t go back to sleep.

I’m sure the “greybeards” in the audience are, figuratively speaking, patting me on the head right now, saying, “there, there,” in a tone that understands this change will be big and sometimes painful, but also that God is bigger still and none of the work we do in Christ is in vain. I’m sure they are right.

If you want to pray for me, please pray that I would worship God by trusting God. Martin Luther has been helping me put these two things together.

There is no other honour equal to the estimate of truthfulness and righteousness with which we honour him whom we trust. Could we ascribe to a man anything greater than truthfulness and righteousness and perfect goodness? On the other hand, there is no way in which we can show greater contempt for a man than to regard him as false and wicked and to be suspicious of him, as we do when we do not trust him. So when the soul firmly trusts God’s promises, it regards him as truthful and righteous. Nothing more excellent than this can be ascribed to God. The very highest worship of God is this: that we ascribe to him truthfulness, righteousness, and whatever else should be ascribed to one who is trusted.

My move to Macedonia is an act of worship because it is an act of trust. Please pray I remember that while I’m here and don’t forget it when I’m there.

I hope this newsletter finds you rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Grace & Peace,

David Snyder