New Members Class

Anyone wishing to join our church as a new member, either from another local church or after believing the gospel, must first go through a series of classes explaining who we are, what we believe, and what is expected of all our members. We hope these class sessions help clarify the ministry of First Baptist Henryville and provide new members a foundation for their life in and with our local church. In addition, because the class sessions are held every Sunday morning, these classes are a perfect gateway for new members becoming active and committed to small group Bible studies through our church’s Sunday School ministry. The New Members Class meets every Sunday morning at 9:40 a.m. and is taught by our lead pastor Toby Jenkins.

New Member Class Session

Session One: What We Believe (1), The Fundamental Beliefs
The Bible, God and the Trinity, Humanity and Sin, Jesus Christ, the Gospel, Grace, and Faith

Session Two: What We Believe (2), The Distinctive Beliefs of Baptists
Perseverance of the Saints, Believer’s Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, Congregationalism, and the Baptist Faith and Message (2000)

Session Three: Baptists and the Southern Baptist Convention
A Very Brief Overview of Baptist History and an Introduction to our Denomination

Session Four: The Life and Ministry of the Local Church
Why the Church is Important, the Responsibilities of Membership, the Church Covenant, and Church Discipline

Session Five: Small Group Bible Study
What is Sunday School and Why is it Important? An Introduction to the Ministry of Sunday School

Session Six: Growing in Christ
Discipleship, Fellowship, Giving, Evangelism, and Missions

Session Seven: A Commitment of Life and Love
Question and Answer Time/Review, Affirmation of the Church Covenant