New Believers’ Class

Just for Starters

Whenever someone joins our church after believing the gospel, they are immediately led into the New Believers’ Class. This series of classes helps provide a foundation for beginning a life with Christ, and offers helpful guidance for the first weeks and months of growing in faith. In addition, it helps to intentionally strengthen the new believers’ fellowship with his or her new church family. If you are interested in taking this class please reach out to one of our pastors or deacons for more information.

Just for Starters: Sessions

Session 1: Saved by God

Session 2: Trusting God

The first two sessions lay a groundwork for understanding the gospel. Session one seeks to ensures that new beleivers have a clear understanding of what God has done for them in the person of Jesus Christ, what Jesus accomplished through his death on the cross and resurrection, and the way we are saved by grace through faith. Session two explains exactly what is meant by grace, faith, trusting, and treasuring Jesus Christ.

Session 3: Living God’s Way

Session 4: Listening to God

Session 5: Talking to God

Sessions three through five provide a framework for understanding the way the gospel impacts a believer’s life. Included in these sessions is the Holy Spirit’s work in the believer’s life, growing in faith, reading the Bible, and praying.

Session 6: Meeting with God’s Family

Session 7: Meeting the World

The final two sessions cover the importance of the local church for believers and the way new believers live their new faith in the world around them. Included in these sessions are continuing steps for growing as a Christian, how to be plugged-in to the work and worship of the local church, and the importance of new believers’ sharing their faith with their friends and families.