Preaching Ministry

The growth and health of our body comes from being a people devoted to, dedicated to, and dependent upon God’s Word – The Bible. Because this is so, the weekly proclamation of the Scriptures is the center around which everything else we do revolves. We take the preaching ministry of this church as our highest priority and greatest responsibility.

Because this is so, expository preaching is the primary means by which we study God’s Word when we gather for our weekly worship services. Expository preaching is preaching which seeks to intentionally make the point of a passage the message of a sermon, and normally it implies (for us) preaching through books of the Bible. We encourage you to explore our preaching ministry pages to learn more about our preaching pastors, our current sermon series, and future series that are being planned!

Current Preaching Schedule

Preaching Pastors

What Is Expository Preaching?