Being Involved

Tears of the Saints from AsiaLink HistoryMaker on Vimeo.

A direct consequence of being passionate for the gospel is being passionate about its proclamation to all people, whether they be in our own community or across the globe. First Baptist Church Henryville is dedicated to equipping and engaging our members with Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. That is why missions are so important to us. We want individuals who are plugged-in to our fellowship to be prepared to take the good news of what Jesus has done across the street and around the world. If you’d like to get involved with missions, here are some great ways to start.

  1. Pray The foundation for missions is a heart for prayer. We believe firmly in the sovereignty of God and the sufficiency of the Word. We also know that apart from the power of Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit we can accomplish nothing. We can save no one. That is why every mission endeavor must be bathed in prayer. We understand that everyone will not be able, for numerous reasons, to take great journeys to foreign countries. Everyone can, however, pray for the growth of the gospel around the world.
  2. Give Second, every person can give financially or materially to missions. A portion of every tithe and offering that is given during a worship service goes to help support missionaries in North America and countries all over the world. Additionally, every Christmas we have a special offering (The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering) that goes to international missions, and every Easter we have another special offering (The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering) that goes to support mission efforts in North America.
  3. Serve Third, along with praying and giving, we encourage individuals in our church to work alongside us as we serve the communities around us by sharing the love of Christ and the good news of what he has accomplished on the cross. Our student ministry, men’s ministry, and ladies ministry, engages in ongoing mission efforts to meet the needs of families. We have an active food pantry which provides much needed groceries and home supplies to hundreds of families each year, and we are active in support of groups like Samaritan’s Purse in providing Christmas gifts to needy children all  around the world.
  4. Go Finally, we want to always challenge and equip our church to be active in the service of the gospel not just in our own town, but also to peoples around the world. Every summer our church sponsors a mission team working alongside churches in the United States and other countries. If you’d like more information on upcoming mission trips that are scheduled, please contact one of our deacons or pastoral staff.