SBC Missions Agencies

First Baptist Church Henryville contributes to missions in the United States and around the world by giving a portion of the money we receive from offerings to the Cooperative Program (CP). The CP is the way Southern Baptist churches join together to fund missionaries and other agencies in the United States and other countries. The two missions agencies that are funded through the CP are the…





North American Mission Board (NAMB)




and the International Mission Board (IMB).

Everytime a person places money in our offering plates, a portion of that money goes to support missionaries working through these two agencies. Additionally, twice a year FBC Henryville has two designated offering campaigns that go directly to these two agencies. The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (NAMB) and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (IMB). If you would like more information about opportunities for missions through the SBC or one of the missions agencies, please contact one of our pastors or see the two agencies’ websites under our Recommended Sites.