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What Does the Gospel Have to Do With My Job?

Sep 24th, 2014 | By | Category: Awana and Sunday Evening Worship, Sunday Night Worship, The Inkwell: A (Gospel) Blog

This Sunday night at FBC Henryville in our series “Follow: The Jesus Focused Life For All of Life” we are going to look at WORK.  Why do we work? Is our work important to God? Should I enjoy my work?

This sermon is going to be one of the most important sermons in this entire series because it is about what we do with the vast majority of our lives. We work! Day in and day out, we work.  And the truth about us is that we will work till Jesus comes back.  But wait a minute!  Will the return of Christ bring an end to our work?  Hmmm! That’s a really good question. We would love for you to come Sunday night at 6:15 to learn the answer to that question and more.


Here is a video teaser for the sermon