Glorifying God, Proclaiming the Gospel, Transforming Lives

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where is your church located?

Henryville is a town located about twenty miles north of Louisville, Kentucky in southern Indiana. Our church is just east of Interstate 65 (Exit 19) and just south of Highway 160 on South Francke Road.

2. What kind of church are you?

FBC Henryville is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. We are theologically conservative, gospel centered, and committed to the proclamation of the message of Jesus Christ to our community and world.

3. Who is the pastor?

First Baptist Church Henryville is led by three pastors who serve together to preach the gospel, teach the Bible, and serve our church and community.

Our senior pastor is Toby Jenkins. He and his wife Sonia are originally from Mississippi (the Deep South!) and are the parents of two teenage boys (Tyler and Dustin). Toby has two passions in being a pastor. He is committed to the beautiful truths of the Bible that proclaim the gospel and he has a deep love for people and seeing their lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ! Toby takes the lead in the leadership of the church, leads the preaching ministry of the church, and guides the other pastors and other church leaders in their responsibilities and service to the church.

In addition to Toby, FBC has two other pastors, Cade Campbell and Logan Huff. Cade, who is married to Amy, is our associate pastor. He assists Toby in the basic responsibilities of pastoral leadership and ministry, shares in preaching responsibilities (primarily by leading our Wednesday Midweek Worship Services), and teaches small group Bible studies. Logan, who is married to Lauren, serves as our student pastor. In addition to sharing basic pastoral responsibilities, Logan leads all the outreach and discipleship ministries that are directed through our student ministry which serves grades 7-12.

If you would like more information about any of our pastors or other staff, see our staff page under About Us.

4. When are your worship services?

FBC Henryville has three regular weekly services. Our primary service is on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am. We have two additional worship services on Sunday evenings at 6:15 pm and on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.

5. What are your worship services like?

God centered worship. Period.

Musically, we seek to incorporate a blended worship style that combines traditional hymns with more modern praise and worship. Regardless of our music, we want to make sure everything (from the songs we sing to the things we say and do) is grounded in the gospel and firmly tied to the proclamation of the Bible.

Our Sunday morning services are more traditional and are centered on a time of preaching from Pastor Toby. Our Sunday evening services are more casual and are connected during the school year with our children’s AWANA Ministry. Our Wednesday services incorporate an intensive time of prayer and a time of preaching.

6. What is the preaching like?

The preaching pastors, led by Pastor Toby, are all committed to teaching and preaching the truth of the Bible. We believe strongly in expository preaching, which seeks to proclaim the truth of a passage of Scripture as the message of a sermon. Our passion for preaching and teaching the truth of the Bible leads us to usually preach through series that go through individual books of the Bible. For more information about our preaching, the pastors, or current and future series, see our Preaching Ministry pages under the Ministries heading.

7. What kind of clothes should we wear to fit in?

Come as you are. Dress casual or dress up. There are no requirements or expectations. Dress how you are comfortable.

8. What do you offer for children and youth?

We are committed to serving families. Because of that commitment we want to offer ministries to all ages. Our children are involved in Sunday School groups, Children’s Church services, Wednesday Night Activities, and AWANA. Our student ministry is led by our youth pastor Logan Huff. If you would like more information about any of these ministries, please check out their individual pages under the Ministries heading.

9. What is available for discipleship and Bible study?

We want to ensure that we are a group of Christians saturated in the Bible. We offer a number of classes for all ages through our discipleship ministry that involves our Sunday School (9:40 am every Sunday morning) and other small group Bible studies. Check out the discipleship page under the Ministries heading for more information!

10. How can we be involved?

The first step to being involved in our church is coming and participating! Attend some of our worship services, meet our pastors, and begin to get to know the variety of people that make FBC Henryville their church home. Additionally, we would like to encourage everyone to be plugged into a small group Sunday School class. These classes (for all ages and groups) are Outreach and Inreach Central for our church! If you would like more information about connecting with our church, we encourage you to speak with one of our pastors.