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Prayer Letter December 2015

Dec 27th, 2015 | By | Category: Updates From Kathy (Our Local Church Missionary)


“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”          (Isaiah 9: 2)


What happens when people, who are walking in darkness, see the Great Light? What happens when The Light dawns on those, who are living in the land of the shadow of death? You know. You’ve seen it happen—maybe in your life, or maybe in the life of someone else: Transformation, New Life, New Purpose, Joy, Peace. I’ve seen it happen in Daví’s life. Daví is from a village that is about 8-9 days away by canoe. He came to the river town to study in public school three years ago and began living at the Christian Training Center. At first, Daví struggled with the national language, he rarely came to the Bible Storying sessions and he spent a lot of time drinking with his relatives when they would come to town. Last year, I began to see a slight change in Daví’s behavior. He started participating more in the Bible Storying sessions, he sought out help with his homework and he seemed to enjoy making lunch when it was his turn. However, his problem with alcohol continued. God led me to tell Biblical Narratives about His “holiness” and to discuss what that means in our lives. We talked about the fact that God wants each of us to be “holy,” as He is holy. I gradually witnessed a dramatic transformation in Daví’s life. Now he says that Jesus is his Savior, he rarely misses a Bible Storying session and he was the first one to finish all of the drawings—in the culture of his people—from Adam to Abraham, for the 2nd edition of the book, “The Bible in Figures.” God’s Light has dawned on Daví.




1.     Pray for Daví as he grows in his Christian walk. Pray that he will remain faithful to the Lord. Pray that he will become a great Christian leader among his people.

2.     Please pray for the students at the Christian Training Center as classes are ending for this semester. Several of the students will be participating in a Bible Conference during the month of January. Others will be visiting their families for several months. Pray that all of the students will be faithful witnesses for our Lord.

3.     Thank God that we have been able to hold the Bible Storying sessions on a regular basis with four different unreached people groups. Pray that God will guide us as we continue to hold Bible Storying sessions with one of these people groups in the month of January and then, with the other three people groups when classes start back at the end of February.

4.     Pray for us as we continue to develop the 2nd edition of the “Bible in Figures.” This edition will include more Biblical Narratives than the 1st edition and will have culturally sensitive illustrations drawn by the people themselves. We plan to have an illustrated version of this 2nd edition for each of the four people groups with whom we work.

5.     Please pray that the Lord will continue to sustain and care for my mother. I am thankful to be with her at this time of the year.

6.     Please pray that God would bring about a Great Awakening among all of the people groups in this vast region. Pray that God would put a passion to know Him in the hearts of all of the peoples here (contacted and non-contacted). Pray that the people would: seek Him, want to hear about Him, desire to learn from His Word, put His Word into practice in their lives and take His Word and His Truths to all of their relatives. Please pray that God would sweep through this whole region with His mighty power in such a way that “every knee would bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”


Thank you for praying and have a Blessed Christmas.



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