Preaching the Word: A Word on Upcoming Sermon Series

preachingWe believe deeply that the most important aspect of a local church ministry, and the one non-negotiable for a church’s health is the long-term, faithful, and continual preaching of the Bible, the Word of God. Because of this conviction we place a high priority on our ministry as preachers and teachers for the local church.

One way we do this is by being intentional about preaching through entire books of the Bible, desiring to be those who preach “the whole counsel of God.” In the last four years we, as a team of pastors, have preached through John, Ruth, Job, Philippians, Malachi, Jonah, and Galatians. Right now we’re in the middle of a series through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, and we’re more than halfway through our sermon series in the book of Romans. We’ve also preached through a number of topical series like the family and marriage series, a series on spiritual gifts, and apologetics.

We’ve loved every one of these sermon series, and we’re looking forward to finishing the one’s that we’re preaching through now, but we also want to be faithful pastors who are looking into the future, planning and preparing where we will turn next in our preaching schedules. Just like parents who don’t wait until there is absolutely nothing in the pantry before they go buy groceries, we never want to wait until we’re at the very end of a series before we start thinking about where we’re going in the future. We want you to see us storing up new groceries in the cupboards. We want you to know that we’ve got the future in mind, and we want you to know that we’re beginning to prepare now for what’s coming up.

So, what are some updates on our upcoming preaching series?

Well, there are some exciting things coming up: This summer, on Sunday evenings, we’ll have a special series titled:

Gospel: Celebrating the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.


This eight-week series is special for lots of reasons. Not only will we be focusing on a different passage each week that unfolds the message of God’s salvation for sinners, but we’ll also be hearing sermons from guys that don’t usually preach. In addition to the pastors, we’ll be having some of our pastoral apprentices gain some important preaching experience by showing us what the Bible says about the work of Jesus Christ in his Word. So each week on Sunday evenings in the summer, we’ll have a different text and a different preacher serving us inviting us to marvel at the message of the gospel.

We’re also excited to announce our sermon series on Sunday evenings that will begin in the Fall for the upcoming AWANA year:

[FOLLOW +] : Living the Gospel Driven Life


We’ve had a great time (and still are!) preaching through some of the great stories of the Old Testament, but we’re really excited about this new series! What does it mean to live the gospel in all of life? How does the gospel change the way we understand our marriages, parenting, work, retirement, relationships, our purpose, finances, hobbies, rest, and every other part of our lives? That’s what this sermon series is going to help us discover!

Finally, I’m locked into the series that I have on my own preaching horizon. I hope to eventually preach through the books of Esther (a series titled Sovereign in the Shadows: The Power of God in the Story of Esther), Proverbs, and the parables of Jesus sometime in the future. Those are some series that are in the back of my mind, but that’s not where I’ll be headed when we finish Samuel’s story. After we leave The Shepherd and the Scepter: Seeing the Gospel in the Books of Samuel, I’ll be going back into the New Testament to preach through the book of Revelation, a sermon series titled:

Overcome: The Hope of the Christian in the Revelation of the Lamb

revelation lamb

What is the Christian hope for the future? What does Revelation say about the future? And surprisingly perhaps, what does John’s vision say to us about the present? How does the iron-strong anchor of confidence in the ultimate triumph of Jesus Christ change everything – today, tomorrow, and forever? That’s what the book of Revelation is all about!

Those are three upcoming sermon series that we have waiting in the wings that will be making their appearance over the coming months. We’ll also be doing a lot of praying and talking about where we’ll be headed when Toby finishes The Power and the Glory: The Gospel of God in the Book of Romans. As I mentioned earlier, we’re over halfway through that book, so this year we’ll really start thinking and praying for the first time about where we’re going to head next during our main Sunday morning service.

Preaching is important. We take it seriously, and we want you to as well. We’re focused with everything we are on week in and week out opening the pages of the Bible and living in the Word. We’re “all-in” with the passages and books that we’re preaching through now, but we want you to know where we’re headed. Will you join us in praying for God to use the weekly preaching ministry to change the hearts and lives of believers and unbelievers through the faithful exposition of the Word of God? Will you pray with us and for us as we prepare each week? And will you pray for us as we are planning and preparing long-term for the sermon series that we’ll turn to in the future?

Thankfully serving through the Word,

Pastor Cade

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