Prayer Letter August 2013

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)
He was only 12 years old when a jaguar attacked him as he was cutting manioc in a field near his village. His relatives rescued him, put him in a canoe and his father took him down the river to a small town. He was transferred to another town and then flown to a city, where he received medical treatment for two years. I can remember seeing the television news report seven years ago about the 12 year-old boy who was almost killed by a jaguar. However, what I did not know until recently, was that my 19 year-old friend and student, Chico, is that same little boy. He has the scars to prove it. When Chico survived the jaguar attack, his father had plans for him to become a great witch doctor among his people. But—God had other plans for him. Chico was invited to live at the Christian Training Center so he could study in the river town. He started studying God’s Word with the Directors of the Center and began participating in our Storying Training sessions each week. He has now accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. As Chico reflects on his life, he says: “God gave me another chance to live because He has plans for my life. God saved me twice—He saved me from the jaguar and He saved me from my sins. He wants me to take this message to my people.”
1.    Please pray for Chico. Pray for him as he studies in public school. Pray that he will continue to be a faithful witness to all who meet him. Pray, also, that he will grow in his walk with the Lord.
2.    Thank you for praying for Damaris and Mariela as they learn God’s Word. Many relatives came down the river to visit them during the last couple of months. It was very difficult to hold our Storying Training sessions, due to the demands of the relatives. However, we did not stop the sessions. Instead, we invited the relatives to listen and learn from God’s Word. We also decided to show the Jesus Film. We nailed a white sheet to the front of Damaris’ house and borrowed an electrical outlet from her, as well as two extension cords. We also borrowed a DVD player and a sound system from other friends. Over 70 people watched the Jesus Film and heard about God’s plan of salvation for the first time in their lives. Please pray that Damaris, Mariela and their relatives will all come to know God as the only true God and Jesus Christ, His Son, as the Savior of the world.
3.    We continue to hold the Storying Training sessions. God has used these sessions to help the participants learn about Him through the Biblical Narratives of His Word. Please pray for our next two Storying Training sessions that will be held on September 9-14 and September 23-28. Pray that God would remove any barriers to having this training that may be brought about by Satan.
4.    Please pray for the R people, the T people and the U people. Pray that God would cause these people to seek after Him. God has given us several opportunities recently to have more contact with the R people and the T people. Pray that He would work in the hearts of these people so they would want to learn about Him through our Storying sessions.
5.    Please pray for Cristiano, who has had malaria three times this year. Pray that the medication he has taken will rid him of the disease and that he will regain his strength. Pray for us as we try to help him make his house “mosquito proof.” Pray for him as he participates in the Storying Training sessions. Thank the Lord that he takes the Storying Training very seriously and plans to evangelize his people. 
6.    Please continue to pray for the Christian Training Center. This Center houses fellows from three unreached and unevangelized people groups, who are studying in the river town. The boys receive initial contact with God’s Word at the Center. Pray for us as we hold Storying sessions with them weekly.
7.    Thank you for praying for my mother. Please pray that God will bless her health, so she can continue to be a witness for Him.
8.    Thank the Lord for each member of our team. I thank God for watching over my health and I praise Him for the honor of serving Him among the Unreached and Unevangelized peoples where He has placed me. 
Thank you for praying,


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