Celebrating the Church

  • June 11, 2013

On Wednesday June 11th in our Midweek Worship Service we’ll begin an eight-part summer sermon series examining the ends and outs of local church ministry, specifically the ministry of First Baptist Church Henryville, entitled Operating Instructions: An Introduction to the Local Church.

Why do we as pastors think it is important for us to spend the summer talking about what the church is and what it is called to be and do? I think there are three important reasons:

1.) The Bible calls believers to live out their lives of faith in the relationships that are found within a local church, so its of great importance that we know what that should look like.

2.) Many longtime believers take the Bible’s teaching on the church for granted and fail to appreciate the great beauty and purpose that God has for churches.

3.) Many new believers get plugged in and involved in the life of the church without someone taking the time to explain what we do and why we do it. This can unfortunately lead to confusion and discouragement.

Do any of these three reasons sound familiar to you? If so, we hope you’ll make it a priority to join with us during the week this summer as we celebrate God’s work in and through God’s people – the church.

Summer Schedule for Our Midweek Worship Services

1. June 12: The Church: Local Displays of the Glory of God

2. June 26: Cities on a Hill: Spirit Fueled Love, Unity, Order, and Witness

3. July 17: The Assembly of Saints: Congregationalism, Church Membership, Polity

4. July 24: Servants of the Word: The Offices of Pastors and Deacons

5. July 31: We Gather Together: The Word and Worship in the Local Church

6. August 14: Minding Our Business: The Beauty of Monthly Member Meetings

7. August 21: Redeeming Love: The Gracious Gift of Accountability and Discipline

8. August 28: Always Outward: God’s People on God’s Mission for God’s Gospel

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