Honduras Trip Prayer Guide

  • April 10, 2013

Dates: July 2-9, 2013
Team Members: Cade Campbell, Amy Campbell, Stella Valentine, Claudette Rudolph, Sue Howson, Erica Stoffregen, Hannah Cummings, and Tyler Jenkins, et. al.
Mission Organization: Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International
Country: Honduras
Work Village: Aguanqueterique

We encourage you to either write this prayer guide out (or print it) and place it in a place where you will see it daily!

Prayer Guide:
1. Make a commitment to pray for this team and trip every week up until July 2nd, and then every day that the team is gone through the week of July 2-9. Pray for each team member from our church by name, and also pray for the other team members from other churches who will be going with us whose names you don’t know.
2. Pray that God will work in the lives of the team members, stirring up their affections for Christ and preparing them to share the gospel with the people of Honduras.
3. Pray that God will grant each team member good health, encouragement, and confidence in the weeks leading up to the trip and throughout the duration of the trip.
4. Pray that team members’ families will be protected and encouraged as they prepare for this trip, allowing them to focus on their work without fear or worry about those at home.
5. Pray that God will begin to work in the lives of the people of Aguanqueterique, that God’s Spirit will begin drawing them to himself, and that they will be prepared to hear the gospel and respond.
6. Pray for the physical needs that the team will seek to meet throughout the trip. Pray that God will be glorified as the team is used to meet the medical and other physical needs of the villagers they encounter.
7. Pray that the team’s flights to and from Honduras will be smooth and safe, and that their travels (by plane and bus) will not be delayed or hindered throughout the duration of the trip.
8. Pray that God will use this trip to grow each team member in their love for the gospel, their confidence in the gospel, and their passion to take the gospel to the nations.
9. Pray that God will use this trip to inflame a passion for missions in our own local church.
10. Pray that above all else, God will be glorified as his gospel is proclaimed in both Honduras and Henryville.

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