Christmas is for Missions

  • November 29, 2012

The message of Christmas tells us of a God who came into a dark world desperately needing the light of the gospel. It tells us of a God who gave everything in a radical mission of grace to sinners like you and I. Missions, God’s glory being seen and savored worldwide, is the heart of God and it is the heart of Christmas.

That’s why this Christmas season we want to encourage you to join with us in celebrating the manger of the king by being obedient to the mission of the king. We want to challenge you to give above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings for two special causes.

The General Mission Offering: The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Each year Southern Baptist Churches all across the United States join together to give financially for the cause of world missions. This annual offering, named after a Southern Baptist missionary to China, goes to support missionaries serving in countries all over the world. One hundred percent of your gifts will go to real missionaries serving people among the nations.

Our church goal this year is $1,000.00 in the month of December. With that in mind, we want to challenge each person or family to give a gift of at least $25.00. If all of our church members, couples, and families give this small amount we will meet our goal easily. Throughout the month of December there will be offering envelopes in your pews and weekly reminders. Please put your gift in one of these envelopes and place it in one of our offering plates during our time of giving in our Sunday morning service.

The Specific Mission Offering: Honduras 2013

There is one other way you can give to support missions. That is by partnering with us to send a team from our church to work in the Central American country of Honduras. We were hoping to make this trip last Summer but due to the tornado, we postponed this trip to be able to better serve and meet the needs of our community.

Now we are working to raise funds to make this trip in the upcoming summer. Men and women from our church have committed to going, and the cost is not cheap. It will cost each person approximately $2,000.00 dollars simply to take this trip in the service of the gospel. That’s why we can’t do it alone. We need everyone to join together to take the gospel from Henryville to Honduras.

Our church goal is to raise at least $10,000.00 in the next six months specifically for our mission to Honduras. To accomplish this goal we want to challenge you and your family to prayerfully consider committing and covenanting with us to pray for this team daily, in addition to giving a gift of either $100.00 or $200.00 over the course of the next six months above and beyond your regular tithe, offerings, or other fund-raising support. This mission campaign is “100 x 100.” If one hundred people will give one hundred dollars, then our goal will be met!

This might take the form of a one-time donation, or a commitment to give a certain amount each month. Either way, we want to ask and challenge you to join with us in this way to make this trip happen. Later in the month (December 30, 2012), we will have a time within our service for you to make your commitment and pledge. Between now and then, pray about giving. Make Christmas more than the manger. It’s about missions. After all, Christmas is all about good news of great joy to all peoples because of the Savior who is Christ the Lord.

If you would like to contribute financially to either or both of these two offerings but do not attend First Baptist Church Henryville, please contact our Associate Pastor Cade Campbell by email at He would love to hear from you and talk with you about how you can be a part of what God is doing in Henryville and around the world!

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