Romans Recap: Chapter Two

  • June 28, 2012

Chapter Two: The Empty Excuses of Religious People
I. The First Excuse: Focusing on the Sins of Others (2:1-3)
A. The Excuse: I’m not as bad as those “really bad” people!
B. The Response: Whenever we judge others we are judging ourselves, for we are just as guilty as they are!
The Condemned Judge (May 20, 2012)

II. The Second Excuse: Focusing on God’s Goodness (2:4-5)
A. The Excuse: God has given me a good, happy life! He obviously isn’t angry with me! He isn’t going to judge me! He is pleased with me!
B. The Response: God’s goodness is no evidence that we will not be judged. God’s goodness is meant to lead us to repent and turn to him! If we ignore his kindness we are only storing back future wrath!
Hoarders (May 27, 2012)

III. The Judgment of Works: How Will God Judge People? (Romans 2:6-11)
A. The Problem: Paul has just said that God will judge the world. So how will he judge it? And how can he judge the world according to works and still save by grace alone?
B. The Solution: God will judge each person according to their works. This does not contradict salvation by grace alone, however, because grace is the basis of salvation and works are the evidence of salvation.
All Rise (June 3, 2012)

IV. The Third Excuse: Questioning the Judgment’s Justice (Romans 2:11-16)
A. The Excuse: How can God judge the whole word according to their works, when the whole world doesn’t have the law – the statement of what God requires? How is that fair?
B. The Response: God is just. Each person knows enough about God’s requirements to be justly condemned by God for failing to meet those requirements. The issue isn’t having the law. The issue is obeying the law!
The Law of Obedience (June 10, 2012)

V. The Fourth Excuse: Being Confident in One’s Heritage and Knowledge (Romans 2:17-24)
A. The Excuse: God won’t judge us because we are religious people, who have religious families, religious educations, and religious practices! We’re shining examples of everything God expects!
B. The Response: Being in the right family isn’t enough. Knowing the right theology isn’t enough! The issue isn’t who your family is or what you know. The issue is whether or not you obey God! You are really hypocrites! You say one thing and do another, and you lead others to buy into the lie that you yourselves have believed!
Con Men (June 17, 2012)

VI. The Fifth Excuse: Being Confident in Religious Ceremonies and Activities (Romans 2:25-29)
A. The Excuse: Circumcision is the sign of the covenant. It is what God commanded. This is what makes us a part of God’s special people! If we are obedient to do this and the other things God commanded, then he can’t judge us.
B. The Response: Wrong! Circumcision was never meant to be a free pass into God’s favor. It is supposed to be an outward sign of an inner reality. Who cares that you happen to be circumcised physically?! The real issue is whether or not your heart and live have been changed. That’s what’s important!
Circumcision of the Heart (June 24, 2012)


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