For a while it seemed like winter would never end! Finally as we moved into April the temperatures began to creep up, the days began to lengthen noticeably, and you could really feel spring and summer in the air. That makes those of us at FBC Henryville very excited, so we want to take this opportunity to let you know about some of the things you can expect throughout the summer of 2013.

First, summers are for vacations. Vacations are short intentional breaks that are meant to refresh us and recharge us. In some ways the two summer sermon series are like little vacations. On Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings we’ll be spending time in two little vacation spots that will give you a chance to relax, catch your breath, and refocus before we begin two much longer sermon series in September. On Sunday evenings (6:15 pm) during the summer we will be going through a series entitled: Testify: The Sweetness of God in Our Stories of Grace. This series will look at biblical examples of testimonies, talk about how to write and share a testimony with others, and will include opportunities for believers in our church to share their own testimonies with their brothers and sisters in Christ. During our Midweek Worship Services (Wednesdays at 6:30 pm), we will spend time looking at nine key aspects of ministry in the local church in a series entitled Operating Instructions: God’s Work in the Local Church.

In addition to these sermon series, the summer will have a whole lot more to offer! Our Vacation Bible School (Kingdom Chronicles) will be held on June 17-21, and this year we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a Youth VBS along with our regular schedule for children. Picnics in the Park are also great fellowship events that everyone looks forward to, and this year we’re planning to have some of those events spread throughout the summer. We’re going to have a Spring Picnic in the Park on April 21, and then our regular summer Picnics will be held on June 9 and July 21, with an additional Picnic in August that is still to be scheduled. All of this is coming this summer, and this doesn’t even begin to highlight everything the next few months will bring. We’ll have our Honduras Mission Trip, youth events, children’s activities, small group Bible studies, fellowships, and so much more!

This summer will be awesome, and we want to invite you to get involved with FBC Henryville, not just for the summer but for every season of your life!

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