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Prayer Request

Mar 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer request you would have your brothers and sisters to lift up before the Lord, just write them in the comment box below.


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  1. Please continue to pray for the gospel to take root in the hearts of the people of Henryville.

  2. I would like to request prayer for my husband. For his skin, he has a rash on his back. Thank You and God Bless.

  3. Please be in prayer for Mrs. Sue’s niece Louis. They just found out that her dad’s cancer is bad and he only has a short time left. She is also the one who is going to have to tell her dad. Please keep her in your prayers.

  4. Please pray for Josey Noel, she is my great niece and is having heart surgery today!

  5. Please be in prayer for Jody Hamilton family. He is a member of the seeds of Abraham in Texas. He and his family were hit by an 18 wheeler. He his wife and 8 kids. 2 of the children died. Please keep them in prayer.

  6. Pray for Toby and his family. They are on their way to Mississippi to be with Sonia’s family.

  7. Please pray for my close friend, Diedre. She has to have open heart surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m.

  8. Please pray for a young girl/lady that is in UL hospital in a cona. She is some relation to my nephew Connor. I will try to get a better update as soon as I can.

  9. think the above is a Michelle

  10. The girls name is Michelle Morris an d she is Connors cousin on his moms side of the family. She is in a coma at UL Hospital as a result of a bacterial infection. Connor says if she survives her Valves in her heart willl all have to be replaced.

  11. Hi, please pray for me and my fiancee as we prepare to get married early next year.Please pray that there wont be any obstacles as the day approaches.My fiancee lives overseas and I live in Australia,we are waiting for her visa to get approved.Please pray that the visa process will go smoothly and quickly.Also please pray for our safety and protection from harm and danger,and that God will bring us together safely.Please also pray for the safety of our parents who will also be traveling to Australia to attend our wedding.I praise and thank God for your prayers.May God bless you richly and abundantly.

  12. Please pray for Sarah Booth. She is a 14 year old student at CMS who had a kidney transplant yesterday. The initial procedure went well, however, she had major complications after the procedure. She lost a lot of blood and has acid in her lungs. She is in VERY SERIOUS condition and the family would appreciate any prayers said for Sarah

  13. Pray that I will have a successful ear operation this coming tues.

  14. Please be in prayer for Tony and Geneva. Tony is in hospital and may have to have heart surgery. I will keep you posted here.

  15. prayer request formoney blessing in my maibox by saturday,food onmy table in abundance, a miracle for a decent spouse to enter my life thank you

  16. Please pray for Kevin’s cousin, Sherri Ritter. She has lost her mother, a daughter and been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer in the past six weeks. She started chemo yesterday. Please pray for her other daughter, Mandy, also as she deals with her mother’s diagnosis. This family has been through a lot! We appreciate your prayers.

  17. Please pray for my aunt, Loretta Pontrich. She has had a recurrence of breast cancer. She needs to start radiation, but she has a problem with her shoulder and they cannot raise it above her head to do this. She has to see an orthopedic surgeon soon to try to fix this so they can begin the radiation. Thank you for your prayers.

  18. This is a prayer request from Glenn and Erin. Erin’s cousin Kim and Brad Meagher’s baby was born premature friday. Please be in prayer for the family and baby Bow.

  19. Please pray for RickJohnson as he had a motorcycle accident and is undergoing surgery at U of L. All I know is that it was a serious accident. Thanks!

  20. Please be in prayer for Mrs. Deloris Petty’s grand daughter Heather.

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