MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE: The church served breakfast to all from both the church and community who were in need before the morning service. Then, Pastor Toby preached from Lamentations 3:19-24 about the glorious hope of Jesus in light of the tragedy and disaster our community is facing. He reminded the church and visitors that we all need the gospel more than we need food, and prayed God would do a work that will blow the minds of people for generations to come. He reminded the church that God’s love (even when people might question) is demonstrated in sending his Son to endure death, and the wrath for sin. He charged all to believe and trust in God’s love.

THANK YOU:  Thank you to the many church members, community friends and local church (Kentucky and Indiana) for your generosity with time, energy, supplies, advice, and prayers.  Thank you to Southern Seminary for supplying us with meals, heat, lights, generators, and workers.

THOSE IN NEED: We have large supplies of the following:

Various physial needs: water, canned foods, soaps & toiletry items, clothes (of all sizes), toilet paper, cleaning supplies, baby food, dog food, snacks and more.

We will do our best to help you find temporary housing and relief in any way we can.


**Currently, we no longer need these donations: clothes **

Teams needed for organizing and distributing supplies to community

Teams needed for manual labor projects: carrying, cleaning, boarding homes, tarp-protective work, general clean up and recovery (as of Monday morning, the Homeland Security authorities have stalled construction projects – we will let you know as soon as we are allowed to continue sending out these teams)

Hot and easy meals ready for church and volunteer wokers (please call ahead 502-551-5157 to help us time meals)

Volunteers please contact 502-551-5157  for questions  (reminder: the phone lines are still inconsistent)

NOTE: Consider wearing work boots and bringing work/leather gloves for those physical relief efforts.  If you have your own battery-powered tools, they can be extremely helpful. 

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JJ Fawbush says April 2, 2012

If I sent some prepaid Visa cards, would that be helpful for tornado victims?
Are you still giving supplies, etc. to victims of the tornado?

C Beach says April 21, 2012

I have nice furniture and household items in storage. I would gladly donate. Is there a need?

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