Tornado: First Response Information (Saturday)

Release forms for mission workers. Just click on this link

FAQ BELOW (answers change constantly, these are what we know as of Saturday Morning, March 3rd)

We hope to communicate with you the best we can about relief efforts and key information. The church building is in stable condition and is serving as a hub of relief efforts. We are hoping to partner with NAMB and Indiana Baptist disaster relief teams to coordinate our work. Several teams have already been sent out for assessment and immediate assistance.

If you need Immediate Emergency:
1. Call 911 for all emergency situations
2. Call local Red Cross: 812-752-7700 (Scottsburg)

If you need Help or Assistance:
1. Church phone lines are back up, and staff are available to help anyone with needs through our call center. Please call 502-551-5157
2. If you need shelter/food/clothes Coordinate with Contry Lake Christian Retreat (near Henryville)

If you want to Help/Volunteer:
1. Authorities are currently prohibiting volunteers (without authorization) from entering the devestated areas, which means we cannot mobilize volunteers at this time.
2. Donate Supplies – for now, drop them off at Bethel Baptist Church in Memphis, Indiana or a local Red Cross agency (Key needs are: bottled water, gift cards to WalMart/Lowe’s, work gloves, flash lights, batteries…)
3. As we are allowed city access, you can join a work team – teams will be deployed as we receive more information
4. If you can host people in your home, email name and information to

Add Prayer Request:
1. Email your request to
2. Post them on your Facebook

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tony trentacost says March 9, 2012

we would like to help have a skilled group of 4 to 6 will stay local if needed have worked with other churches in past , mostly southern baptist, we are from saddleback church California

Toni Cox says March 17, 2012

Hi! I’m from a church in north central Indiana. Is there someone I could contact about a working mission trip? I realize that right now everyone is still sorting everything out and probably not many groups are allowed yet. However, are there going to be any opportunities in a few months? Thanks!

pat hirsch says March 19, 2012

i am planning to come to henryville on wed, morning this week as requested by a first baptist church member two weeks ago, i hope to see you then at the church breakfast at 8 am. thanks pat.

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