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Essentials of Ecclesiology

Jan 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: NEW SERMON SERIES

Stained GlassIn January 2015 we began a Sunday morning sermon series through the book of 1 Timothy.

Why would we do that? Well, to put it simply, as our church continues to grow we want to be intentional about making sure our local church fellowship is structured according to the Bible. The church is so important to Jesus that he himself has shown us what a church should be like, look like, and act like. So we want to be in continual submission to the Bible in how we’re governed, what we do, and the things we invest our time and energy in doing. We want to be a local church that is founded and formed by the Word of God.

What the church believes and practices about the church is called its “ecclesiology.” That rather fancy word simply means “the study of the church.” That’s what 1 Timothy is all about, and that’s what we’re sinking out teeth into for much of 2015. Alongside these feasts on Sunday morning, we’ll be posting a series of blog articles here on our website that will cover a variety of topics of importance, topics all about the “essentials of ecclesiology.” Over the course of the next few months we’ll tackle questions like:

1. What are the things the local church must have and do?
2. Why is the gospel so important?
3. Why is correct doctrine and theology so crucial for a local church?
4. What does the Bible say about how men and women serve together in a local church?
5. What are the qualifications and obligations of pastors and deacons?
6. What does it mean for a local church to have a plurality of elders/pastors?
7. How does the church disciple believers?
8. What is the mission of the local church?
9. How does the church minister to and take care of its members?
10. Why is church membership so important?
11. What should local church worship services be like?
12. How should churches train up leaders to serve the local body?
13. How should churches handle growth?
14. Why is important for churches to be covenantal and congregational?

Every week or so we’ll be tackling one of these questions and posting them here on our website. They’ll complement what we’re studying in Scripture on Sunday morning, and they will hopefully help all of us think more clearly about what it means to be a church, how we relate to one another, and how we are joined together to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel.

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