Discipleship That Dances

  • September 1, 2011

Spiritual DisciplinesWe are excited about the Sunday Night Worship (6:15 pm) series entitled The Dance of Discipleship: Learning the Steps of Growing in Faith. This series will run from September 2011-May 2012 and will be exclusively focused on exploring and explaining the ends and outs of the Christian Life – living a life of obedience to Jesus and loving the life of joy that is found only in Jesus. We will be studying what the Bible says about the story of the Bible, prayer, reading and understanding the Bible, worship, evangelism, stewardship, family life, work, relaxation, retirement, and so much more. We hope you’ll be a part of this series. No matter your age, your family, or where you are in life, we will be covering what it means for you to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

In connection with this series we will be offering numerous suggestions in the coming months for your own personal reading and growth. The first book that we’d absolutely recommend in preparation for this series is a great book: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. This book will help you in so many ways, especially by helping your understand and form a foundation for your Christian growth. Read this book and be encouraged, challenged, and counseled in the life of a believer who passionately seeks God, loves God, and obeys God.

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