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Prayer Letter: August 2011

Aug 31st, 2011 | By | Category: Updates From Kathy (Our Local Church Missionary)



“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” (Acts 4: 29)

“What do you think you are doing?!” demanded a recently-elected official. He continued, “You know that you shouldn’t be teaching the Bible to these people!” I said nothing in reply. We had been visiting people in town and inviting them to come to the Bible Storying Training that would soon begin. Without knowing it, we happened to invite the mother of this new official. When she told her son about the training, he was outraged. After several minutes of silence, I spoke up, “But sir, we aren’t doing anything to harm the people—we are teaching the Bible.” “That is exactly what we don’t want you to do,” he argued, “because it will end up changing their culture and traditions.” Again, I remained quiet . . . while inside of me, my mind was racing: “Well, if it changes their culture, then that is God transforming them. But, I can’t help but tell them about Jesus.” After more silence, the official finally declared, “Well, since we are here in town, I can’t prohibit you from teaching the Bible. But, you can’t force the people to go to the Bible Training. Plus, anything that you are teaching here should never reach the villages!”

As I walked out the door, I thought to myself, “He is just a mere man—but, my God is the All-Powerful Creator of the Universe. We will hold the training anyway.” And we did—God blessed.


1. Pray for our Team as we continue to deal with the authorities concerning our work. God already has a strategy for reaching all the people in this region with His Word. Pray that He will open doors for the work and that we will keep our focus on Him.

2. Please pray for the Bible Storying Training Classes that will be held September 4-10. Pray that God will bring the people to us who should participate in this training. Pray that the participants will have a serious commitment to the training and faithfully attend the sessions. Pray that God will give our team members wisdom and strength to lead this training.

3. Pray for a river trip that our team is planning to take to a village. We have received an invitation from the village leaders to go there, but we are awaiting authorization from the officials in charge. Pray that we will receive permission to make this trip, that we will be able to teach basic hygiene measures to the people and that we will have an opportunity to share the Gospel.

4. Pray for a Training Center that is being constructed to reach young men of six people groups in this region. These fellows come down the river to study in the public schools. The Center will provide housing, a place to study and a place for them to learn about God and His Word.

5. Thank you for praying for the Half-Way House that our team helped to build. It is almost finished and already has people living in it. The people will stay in the house when they come down the river to get supplies. Pray that God will use the Half-Way House to reach those leaders and people who have not wanted to hear His Word.

6. Please pray for the work in this region as we struggle with spiritual warfare. The forces of evil are very strong here, but God is stronger. Pray that our team members will remain faithful in prayer, steadfast in the Word and united in God’s strength. Pray that we will have the courage to speak out and stand our ground against Satan’s schemes.

Thank you for praying,



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