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On Sunday July 3, 2011, First Baptist Church Henryville began to mobilize and join together to participate in an overseas short-term mission trip to the Central American nation of Honduras. Honduras is one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, and like so much of the world it stands in drastic need of both physical aid and the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

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First Baptist Church Henryville is joining together and partnering with other Southern Baptist churches across the United States to bring medicine and so much more to the people of Honduras. We are connecting with a team led by Woodlawn Baptist Church in Vicksburg, Mississippi to send a team of individuals to that nation for a week in the summer of 2012. We will be working through an independent Southern Baptist mission agency called Baptist Medical and Dental International (BMDMI: A link to their website may be found under recommended sites) to work alongside a local Honduran Baptist church to bring in medical and dental care, food, clothing, children’s ministries, and preaching and evangelism.

The trip will be from July 3-10, 2012. We will be flying into the capital city of Tegucigalpa and from there will be heading out into the countryside to a small village to work.  The cost estimate for the trip is $2,000.00 per person and we are asking for a commitment (along with a non-refundable deposit of $200.00) no later than November 13, 2011. Individuals who join with us to go to Honduras will be able to minister and serve in a variety of ways like evangelism, children and sports ministry, medical and dental assistance, pharmacy and give-away ministry, veterinary teams, and team support (i.e. kitchen, variety of jobs, etc.). No matter your age, your interests, or your talents, there is definitely a place for you with our team.

We are excited about what God is doing at FBC Henryville. We are passionately committed to being a church that engages to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to Southern Indiana, the United States, and the other nations of the world. That is our commitment, and we hope that you will come alongside us and make the glory of God and the need of the nations your passion as well.

So how can you be involved? Well, there are three major ways that each person can join with our mission to Honduras:

  1. First, every person can pray. We know that not everyone will be able to physically go with us in the summer of 2012. Everyone, however, can pray. Pray for our church as we seek to make the gospel known among the nations. Pray for our leaders as they seek to guide us in discipleship. Pray for the people of Honduras that we will be serving. Pray for yourself as you diligently seek God’s will regarding your participation in this trip.
  2. Second, we ask that every person support our church in sending a team to Honduras. You can support our mission’s ministry in a number of ways alongside your prayers. There will be opportunities for you to donate clothes and other materials for our ministry there and to give to the people we will be serving. You can help us raise money for the trip. Two thousand dollars can be a daunting amount for a person! Throughout the next year we will be striving to raise money in a number of ways, and we would definitely like all the help we can get! Finally, you can help sponsor another team member by helping to offset the cost of their trip. If you cannot go, we would ask you to prayerfully consider setting aside a certain amount of money to help someone else go.
  3. Finally, you can go. Every Christian is under orders to make the proclamation of the gospel a passionate priority. Some Christians are called to be senders – those who mobilize and support the preaching of the gospel around the world. Others are called to be goers. Those are the only two options other than disobedience. For our mission endeavor in Honduras we are going to need many senders to come alongside us and support this effort, but we also need goers. We hope that you will consider being one of those who goes with us. Nothing impacts a person’s discipleship like participating in missions. It truly is a life transforming moment and we would love for you to be involved. Be warned, however. Count the cost. Making the commitment to go will be costly. The trip may be difficult and exhausting. And finally, it will be addictive. Once you step out in faith and take the love of God to the nations, your life will never be the same. Everything else will pale in comparison.

 We hope you’re excited about this mission opportunity. The leadership here at First Baptist certainly is. We hope to have you join with us this year as we go from Henryville to Honduras.

A Week of Your Life from Ken Summerall on Vimeo.

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