Prayer Request for December 2010

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during December, Click on Prayer Requests for December 2010  above, then type the prayer request in the comment box below.

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Stella says December 4, 2010

Curtis’s surgery went great, Thank You for your prayers God is so good.

Pastor says December 4, 2010

pray for our team that will be driving back from Atlanta in this snow and ice this evening.

Donna says December 7, 2010

Steve’s surgety went great. Doctor said he really did great. Thanks for your prayers

Wayne says December 9, 2010

Pray for Erica Stoffregen in this diffficult time in her young life.

Pastor says December 12, 2010

Pray for Mrs. Ruth Hall’s neighbor Ruth Greenwood. She has a Goiter on her thyroid. We will keep you undated. The doctor wants to do surgery.

stella says December 13, 2010

Be in prayer for the people, who have to work outside or travel today.

Donna says December 13, 2010

Thanks to all those who prayed and were concerned about Steve. He is doing well. He is now at S. Indiana Rehab. Will probabley be there for a week to 10 days..

Pastor says December 15, 2010

Please be in prayer for Glenn. He is going to be plowing ice and snow tonight. Pray for God’s protection and strength and joy to fill him through the night. Also pray for Mrs. Greene. I went to see her today and she has gotten a stomach virus. Also pray for Steve Horton. He is doing good, but still has a week or so left in rehab. And one last prayer concern. Pray for For Paul Rudolph. They just admitted him into the hospital with Pneumonia. Oh Yeah! And Paul Holt has the swine flu. So Please lift all these up to the Lord in Prayer.

chris says December 15, 2010

as I am in texas preparing for the drive back up to corydon I have been informed of the weather conditions that we are going to be driving through coming back to indiana so I would like to pray for everyone safety that’s going to be out in it I know sunday night we saw alot of wrecks including both cars and trucks

Stella says December 17, 2010

Please, pray that during this busy season we will remember, Jesus is the reason for this season. Thank you God for sending your Son for us. Thank you for the blessings we have each and every day. Help us to share your love.

Wayne says December 18, 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all to Moms 80th Birthday celebration at the chuch tomorrrow from 2:00 until 4:00. No gifts expected, just cake, ice cream and punch

Wayne says December 19, 2010

THABKS TO THE CHURCH FOR MAKING MOMS BRTHDAY , A SUCCESS. It meamt alot to me and my brothers that we had so many show.Thanks especially to Mrs Stella, and Mre Sonia for their help

Pastor says December 24, 2010

Please be in prayer for the Lewellen family. They have lost a dear loved one Ginny this morning.

wayne says December 27, 2010

Praise the Lord for our continuing Church growth. Awanas is an awesome ministry and the Marriage and Family series has much to do with our church growth. We know that the Word of God is being proclaimed,.by our growth.

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