Hammers of all sizes

We have been working in the basement again this week, destroying what use to be, to make room for what will be. It has really been going good. I want to thank all the guys who have really worked hard to tear all those walls out. It is really beginning to look good. You should drop by and take a look. I can’t wait until it is complete. It’s going to look great.
One of the things that I noticed this week in tearing out the walls and ceilings was that we had many different types of hammers. We began tearing out the walls with regular carpenter hammers, and sledge hammers. Some people call sledge hammers, malls. I never really figured that one out. Why would you call a sledge hammer a mall? It’s not like you can go shopping at it. Anyway, Guy and Roger, who are firemen, brought a rather unique hammer to the party. It was pointed, but it was also blunt. It’s really hard to describe this thing, but it was very effective in pulling the sheet rock off the ceiling.
I guess what I want to say is that there are different hammers designed to do different things. The carpenters hammer is for driving nails. The sledge hammer was designed for breaking up rocks and driving steaks. The fireman hammer thing was designed to tear out ceilings and walls. You may be wondering why I am wasting your time writing about hammers. Well, working with those different hammers yesterday got me to thinking about all the different types of hammers. Thinking about those different types of hammers made me think about what Isaiah said about this one particular type of hammer.
Isiah 23:29-Is not my word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? God tells us that His Word is like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces. Why would God call His Word a hammer that crushes the rock? He calls it a hammer because He uses it to crush the stony heart in your chest. The reason our hearts are so hard is because of sin. The longer we let sin reign in our hearts the harder they get. Some may protest, “my heart is not cold and hard!” The scriptures declare, “my heart is deceitfully wicked above of all things. Who can know it?” God can. He knows your heart better than you do. He has a tool He uses to crush that stony heart; It’s His Word.
He actually calls it by many different names. He calls it a Sword. He says it’s sharper than any two edged sword. So sharp that it can separate bone from marrow. He calls it His voice in Psalms 29, which I’m preaching on tonight at church. It’s a beautiful Psalm about the power of God’s voice. His voice is so powerful that it breaks the cedars in Lebanon and strips bear the forest of Kadesh. There are many other names by which God uses to refer to His Word, but I think they all veil in comparison to this last one. We learn in John 1:1-3 that Jesus Christ is the Word.
Jesus is that hammer that crushes the Rock. Then, by the power of the Holy Spirit, He takes out all the pieces of that old heart and replaces it with a new heart of flesh. A heart that seeks to know Him. A heart that seeks to worship Him. A heart that longs to be in His presence. A heart that beats to love Him more. Oh! What a hammer is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As we demolished the basement with all those different type hammers it made me think about how God demolished my old heart of stone. But there are new lesson to be learned as we continue this project. We won’t leave the basement in rubble, and neither will God leave your heart in rubble. He destroys it because He is going to replace it with a new heart. Just like we are going to replace the old basement with a new one. I love seeing that transformation take place in a persons life.
Down in the basement working on the demo with us was David Crawford. Three months ago David was enslaved to drugs. He was a man with a stone heart. It was an incredible sight to see that Hammer crush that rocky heart of stone. To see a grown man cry in repentance before a Holy God is the work of a special kind of Hammer. God crushed his old heart of stone and put within him a new heart, and now we get to watch as God begins the life long project of remodeling David into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. God by the power of His Spirit is using the Word to remodel all of us back into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. The image that Adam lost, Christ has renewed. I just think it’s awesome how the project began with a Hammer crushing and tearing out, and now the project continues with a Hammer molding, forming, and framing us back into the image of God.
I never grow tired of watching this process take place in peoples lives. Just last night Sonia, Shelly, and I saw God crush someones heart in our community. It was incredible! I love it! I love Him! The hammer that crushes the rock!! The Hammer that is forming us into the His own image.

In Christ,
Toby Jenkins

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David Crawford says March 18, 2010

Thanks Brother Toby it is amazing how God works in so many different ways. Blog was awesome I am so thankful that GOD has put you and your family in my life.

Donna says March 18, 2010

God is awesome! I love Him with my whole heart. Thank you Bro. Toby for your love for our Lord and your love for His people!

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