Spoiled Rotten!!

As most of you know, we are back from India. There are so many things that happen on a mission trip that you just can’t put into words, but I will give it a go. There are also a lot of things that I won’t tell because our mission presentation is Sunday night at 6:30 at First Baptist, and I don’t want to spoil any surprises.

However, I want to tell you one thing that God pressed upon me during this trip. I will tell other things in later post, but for now I will share one. The first one is that we are so spoiled and so ungrateful. If you are reading this post from a location anywhere in the United States you are so blessed, and you are spoiled rotten, whether you admit it or not. I know that I am! It’s not air conditioning, pillow top mattresses, and pews in our churches that I’m talking about. It’s having anything we want or need anytime we want or need it. If you have a tooth ache; you go to the dentist. If your kidneys are shutting down you can go to the hospital and get put on dialysis. If you can’t see; you go to the eye doctor and get glasses or contacts.

The look on pastor Manukim’s and Solom’s face was priceless when they saw me take that contact out of my eye. With a look of bewilderment, Solomon asked, “what is that?”. I said, “it’s a contact lens”. Manukim, whose English is broken, says, “oh, to keep the dust out?”. I thought in that very moment how blessed and spoiled I am. Have I ever thanked God that I have contacts? Have I ever thanked God that I’ve never suffered with a tooth ache for months with not so much as an Aspirin. I could go on like this for pages. Pages of things that we all take for granted. Pages of things that we have never stopped and thanked God for. When I preached in the churches, I would say 1 out of every 5 had a Bible. A Bible cost 500 rupees, and the average Indian makes a 150 rupees a day. 150 rupees is about 3 dollars. It would take them over 3 days work to have enough to purchase a Bible, which cost 10 dollars.
This is just one thing that God has really pressed upon my heart this trip. As one of my hero’s in the faith would say, “we receive a continent of mercies and barely return an island of praise–Charles Spurgeon”.

I want to encourage you to begin to really think about how blessed you are and give God thanks. Count your many blessings and name them one by one.

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Donna says February 19, 2010

We are indeed spoiled rotten. It is so evident as we met the people of India.

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