Prayer Request for February 2010

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during February, Click on Prayer Requests for February 2010  above, then type the prayer request in the comment box below.

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Stella says January 27, 2010

Prayer request from the India mission team:

1. Pray for God to save people. Pray that He would open up a door for the Word.
2. Pray for Donna, Sherry, and Claudette as they share the gospel with the Indians
3. Pray for Bro.Toby as he will be preaching the gospel in the villages
4. Pray for the people in the compound as we will be sharing with them the news that their long time friend and brother in Christ will not be there this year because he went home to be with the Lord.. This will be a hard time for them
5. Pray for our families
6. Pray for our health and safety in travels
7.Pray that God would make the gospel clear and help us to be able to minister through the custom and language barriers
8. Pray for the weather to be good in India.
9. Pray that God would move in and through us on this trip and when we get back and speak at the India service we will have at our Church.

In Christ

Sherry says January 27, 2010

I received this prayer request from Operation Christmas Child today. We need to contiue to pray as shoeboxes are now being delivered to the children.

Prayer Update: Accident in Abkhazia

The International Regional Director for Russia/Europe/Central Asia recently communicated via email more details and an update on the recent accident in Abkhazia, a summary of which is below.

The Regional Director, the National Leadership Team Coordinator, and two other team members were traveling along the edge of a mountain with the black sea below the road down a 300 yard embankment. As they attempted to pass a truck, their van lost control on a patch of snow, slid into the ditch and ended up back on the road, in front of the truck they had been passing. The truck struck the van and pushed them off the road down the embankment.

“I don’t remember how we flipped and turned,” the Regional Director said in his email. “But I do remember a lot of banging and broken glass flying. I remember praying multiple times over and over ‘Lord protect me’, but I kept anticipating when we would eventually plunge into the Black Sea.”

Miraculously, the van caught some trees which brought it to a stop and the truck stopped just short of the edge of the embankment. All passengers except the Regional Director had been ejected from the van, sustaining serious injuries including internal, head, and spinal trauma as well as broken limbs. The Regional Director walked away with minor cuts and bruises and was able to assist the other passengers as best he could.

After they were all brought up the bank by first responders, they were transported to a medical facility that the Regional Director describes as, “no light, cold, old, soviet equipment, rough people…chaos”. The other three team members underwent surgery at this facility and were then transported to hospitals in Russia the next morning.

The Regional Director concludes his email by saying, “It’s a miracle that we lived, honestly… God is amazing. Please pray for the other three team members as they have serious injuries and a long road to recovery

David says January 28, 2010

Pray for the mission team to have a safe trip
Brittany Lee son Malachi for his collar bone to be growing back the right way it was broke at birth he is going to be a month old the 31st of jan.

Joyce N. says January 28, 2010

Praying for our mission team on their way to India at this moment! Please pray for the people in India that their hearts will be receptive to the message and love that our team is bringing them about our Heavenly Father. I personally, especially pray for the children of India. They have a special place in my heart. This is so exciting. It is for the glory of God. Also, asking for continued prayers for my family for the life changes we are currently going through.

Stella says January 29, 2010

Pray for our India team as they go out for the first time to meet the people of India, pray for peace, wisdom, love and understanding , Pray God will open hearts to his Word.

David says January 30, 2010

Patty Clapp my mom her health she hasnt been feeling good (rheumatoid arthritis)
Pray for the mission team to have a safe trip
Brittany Lee son Malachi for his collar bone to be growing back the right way, it was broke at birth he is going to be a month old the 31st of Jan.

Wayne says January 30, 2010

Join me in prayer at 10:00 am and 10:00 pm as well as amytime of the day for prayer for the India mission team. The more prayers lifted up the better.

Stella says January 30, 2010

Praise God! the mission team has landed safely in India. Pray they will be welcome in the villages.
To God be the glory.

Joyce N. says January 30, 2010

Please pray for the families here at home of our mission team. I know how anxious I am about their safety and their activities. My prayer time is 11:00 p.m. (EST) however, I find myself praying constantly throuthout the day. I am thanking God for Sonya and the posts that she is placing on the website. Praise God that they have arrived and are safe. Praise God for the wonderful pilots, mechanics, etc. who helped to get them there. I am praying for their rest as they prepare to take the word of God to the people of Inda. Can you imagaine not knowing our Lord and Saviour.
Please pray for our Church family as we continue to work for God’s glory here at home. Please continue to pray for my family as we daily continue to experience life changes and information. Pray that our hearts will heal so that we can put our focus back on our Lord.

Stella says February 4, 2010

Praise God for the work He is doing in India, Pray He will continue to speak through our team and keep them safe. Also pray for the prayer request from last night the list was long, so many people are hurting and in need of God’s love and grace. Love you all.

Joyce N. says February 5, 2010

I want to thank everyone who included my family in their prayers. We are beginning to find God’s peace and understanding.

angie says February 5, 2010

Please pray for Sarah Troncin. She was hospitalized last night with extremely high blood pressure. She had a baby last Wednesday and all went well. They are not sure what happened and are running tests. Thanks.

Angie says February 7, 2010

Thank you for praying for Sarah Troncin. She is still in Clark County hospital, now in the TCU so she can’t have her ten day old baby with her. They think she has Preeclampsia Post-Birth. She is on 4 medications and still having trouble keeping her blood pressure down. Please continue to pray for her, her baby boy and her family. Thanks.

Stella says February 8, 2010

Please, pray for our India team as they start another week, pray God will give them wisdom, strength, health and safe travel. Also pray for their families as they are missing their loved ones.

As a word of praise, Lord, we thank you for all you have done this last week, may all thing be to your honor and glory.

Stella says February 9, 2010

Please, pray for all the people who have to work out in this weather and everyone who must travel in the snow.

Joyce N. says February 9, 2010

Please pray for all of the new believers in India. Also, pray for those who have yet to hear about God. This is for His glory. I would also like to thank all who are responsible for placing the sermons on our website. They are wonderful to go back and listen to for encouragment. I know it takes time. A special thanks to Tyler. I appreciate it so much.

Sonia says February 10, 2010

Please pray for my aunt who was admitted to the hospital last night. She had a blood clot that went into her lungs. The doctor came in last night and said she had multiple clots in her leg. She needs to go into surgery to have a filter put in to stop any more clots from traveling to her heart or lungs. Thankfully the one that is in her lungs now came apart before traveling to the lungs. However, they gave her blood thinners last night before discovering the ones in her leg. Today she is going into surgery for the filter. More news they received last night is she has cancer in both lungs. Her name is Betty Brown. Thank ya’ll for your faithfulness pray.

Stella says February 13, 2010

God is so good,
Praise Him the India team is home safe.

Sherry says February 13, 2010

Here is an update on the previous prayer request I posted for OCC. Praise God the FBC mission team returned home safely. However, one of the other team members, Carolyn, suffered a heart attach while in India and was hospitalized on Friday, the last day in India. She will not be able to come home for another 10-14 days. Please pray for her and her family.

Update 2/5/10: Auto Accident in Abkhazia

The Operation Christmas Child Regional Director for Russia/Europe/Central Asia who was involved in the recent accident in Abkhazia has arrived safely back to his home in the U.S. Though he did not suffer any serious injuries, there were several local ministry partners who are still undergoing treatment. As you continue to pray for their recovery, an update on their condition is below.

The National Leadership Team Coordinator is recovering from surgery to repair his broken tibia. Other injuries are still being assessed and he remains under 24 hour care at the central hospital in Sochi, Russia.

The accompanying translator is also still hospitalized in Sochi, Russia with an L1 fracture of the vertebrae, 12 dorsal fractures, and serious bruising to his head. He also has a fractured sternum and neurosurgeons have recommended surgery to repair the fractured vertebrae.

The driver and assistant to the National Leadership Team Coordinator is at home but is having a hard time breathing properly due to contusions on his chest. He also suffered severe trauma to the head. No other information has been provided about his medical condition. However, he has been summoned back to Abkhazia by the local authorities and is being charged for damage to the other vehicle as he confessed that the accident was his fault. His own vehicle was totaled and insurance will not cover the costs as his coverage is not valid in Abkhazia.

Please pray for the recovery of these Operation Christmas Child partners as they go through some difficult times ahead. Please also pray for a quick resolution regarding the charges and financial challenges facing the driver.

Sherry says February 15, 2010

Here is an update on the lady who suffered a heart attack during the mission trip to India. Please be in prayer for her and her family.

Carilynn Causey, long-time TCWM mission trip veteran, experienced a heart attack while serving on the India mission team last week. Carilynn is under hospital care in one of the best hospitals in the Eastern Hemisphere. Within 3 hours of arriving at the hospital, she had been processed, diagnosed, received a heart catheterization, and was in recovery. She is in good condition. There was no blockage detected. She will need to remain under doctor’s care in India for the next 13 days or so before flying home. She is accompanied in India by Kay Cox, Dr. Joe Ross, and Betty Ross. Please, pray for Carilynn; and please, pray for her husband, Harry, and her family as they are separated from her during this difficult time. We are grateful to the Lord that Carilynn is doing well, and will likely be released to a hotel within the next 24 hours

Robin Jones says February 16, 2010

Please pray for my sister Barbara’s husband Wayne. He is having surgery on the 17th of Feb. on his larynx, they found a large mass. There is a 20% chance that it is cancer, however the surgery itself is very long and tedious because of the location of the mass. They will have to cut one of his hearing glands for sure, but there are so many other glands and vessels in that area that are very sensitive.

Please pray for Wayne and his family during this time and I ask that you pray especially for Wayne’s salvation and that the Lord will reveal himself to him during this time. Please also pray for the doctor’s who will be doing the surgery on him.

Wayne says February 17, 2010

Prayer request please;m I m asking prayers for myself as I have beem diagnosed with H1N1. Mom is doing well and I hope I dont pass this on to her.

Donna says February 19, 2010

Pray for Gene Spegialhalder. He is in the hospital at Salem. He is having some type seizures.

Donna says February 19, 2010

Pray for Phyllis Coker’s brother-in-law, Bob, He has been in the hospital the last 3 days and they don’t know what is wrong. Also Gene is the hospital at Floyd County.

Wayne says February 20, 2010

Feeling much worse this morning. Wouldnt wish H1N1 on anybody. Feeling the worse I have ever felt in my life despite having the problems i have had. Continue to pray for me and maybe I will feel well enough to see you tomorrow at church but right now I dont think so.

Wayne says February 22, 2010

Thank you for praying. Feeling much better this morning. Still aways to go yet before I return to normal.

Sheri R. says February 26, 2010

Please pray for my husband and me. We have been married for 27 years and I love him with all my heart. I recently found out he is having an emotional affair with a woman he used to work with. Pray that he will lose interest in her. Please pray the he will see the pain & devastation this is causing his family. Pray the chains of sin will be broken and he will return home to us. Pray also for this woman and that she too will see this is causing in so many lives. Pray they both will see they are not the only ones involved in this situation. Pray she will also lose interest in my husband and return home to her children and husband.

Wayne says March 1, 2010

I am asking prayers for Bill Treat and his family. Bill is a friend of mine who has undergone losing both of his legs due to complications from Diabetes. Not sure of his salvation experience but do know he expresses love for God.

Robin Jones says March 3, 2010

Please remember to pray for the people who were affected by the fire yesterday in Sellersburg, especially our sister in Christ, Danielle. It was were she worked, and everything was a total loss. There were families in apartments who are now homeless and then there are the numerous people who no longer have a job.

Please join God in wrapping His arms around Danielle and give her your prayers, financial help, support, encouragement and love. I rejoice in knowing that He will provide for her and Zailee, but I know that He does that by using those whom He has placed in her lives to reach out to her in His Holy name.

Trusting God Always,


Wayne says March 6, 2010

Prayers for healing for Kyle Robertson, a young man that broke his arm playing ball for Henryville tonight.

Pastor says March 7, 2010

Pray for my little cousin Dakota. He had a seizure the other night. The doctors have run test and are trying to figure out the cause. Being a young boy, this has scared him, so please pray for God’s peace and healing in his life. Also pray for his mother, Kristi.

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