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I’m going to try something new for writing my blogs.  I want you to give me some feed back on which way you like the best.  There is a page on the top bar in the website that contains different pages of our site.  There is a new page titled, “pastor’s blog”  click it and you will see my posts.  I will begin using the space on the main website, where I have been writing, for something else.  Once you have read the new post click on First Baptist Church Henryville, which is below the picture and it will bring you back to the main page.  I hope everyone likes it this way, but if not I can easily go back to the old way.  I just posted a new article so go try it out now.

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Marilyn Hayden says March 2, 2012

My prayers are with you people. May God be with you through all this devastation.

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