• January 22, 2010

Indiana House of Representatives will be voting January 27, 2010 on legislation that would greatly restrict churches that have a daycare or school.  It is very important that you call 317-232-9600 or  1-800-382-9842 and tell them that you want to vote “no” on House bill 1036.  I just called and it didn’t take but one minute to cast my vote.  If this bill passes then our church would loose control of the day care.  The State of Indiana would then tell us who we could or could not hire.  They would tell us how much education they had to have.  It is a bill that would open up the door to our Sunday School, Awana’s, Youth group and anything else that had to do with kids.
Please call this number and let them know how you feel.  It is so easy.  When they answer the phone, you say, “I want to vote “NO” on House Bill 1036.  They will then ask you if you want to give your name and address.  You do not have too, but I would encourage you to stand up and be counted.

If you know someone who does not visit our site or have internet, please call them and give them this information.  If you belong to First Baptist Henryville you must make this call.

In Christ,


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