I Worked em’ Like Pack Mules

  • December 23, 2009

I loaded up the cart and didn’t worry about mules.  They really did a great job.  We worked hard all day, but we finshed sooner than we thought we would.  We came home to dad’s and ate Seafood Creole, and man was it good.  Mark was half way through with his bowl and looked over at me and said, “man, this stuff is amazing”.  It had shrimp, crab, smoked sausage, tomato sauce and, did I mention, shrimp.  They deserved a good meal becasue they worked really hard.  I think it’s really awesome that they come to help me.  I mean, how many people would choose to spend their honeymoon helping their pastor move furniture.  They are awesome, and we have had a great time with them.

We are heading back in the morningj.  We will get up at 5:00 in the morning and head toward the promise land.  So all of you who want to have as much fun as Mark, Roger, and Elizabeth give me a call tomorrow, and I’ll get you to meet me at the undisclosed location.  We aren’t really sure what time we will get there so it may even be Thursday or Saturday before we unload it.  Mark seems to think we will get back in time to unload tomorrow, but I really don’t think we will.  However, I’m praying that we make it back in time for Christmas caroling .  So please be praying for us to make it back safely, and that we make it back in time for caroling.

In Christ,


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