What do Christmas and moving have in Common?

I would say nothing, but that’s not the case this year.  The house sold and the best week for us to go move things was the week the kids were out of school.  So looks like we will be spending Christmas week behind the wheel of a moving van.  The thought of moving during Christmas week is enough to make anyone say ahhhhh!  Humbug!  But, I’m rather excited to be finally able to buy a house in Henryville and put down roots.  I hope you guys are ready for that.  I know I am, and so is my family.  Its really amazing to see how God can grow you so close to people in less than a year.  I’ve already said it from the pulpit, but I want to say it again through the written word.  Thank you for making us apart of your families.

You know what Christmas and moving have in common this year.  You and me unloading a moving truck at an undisclosed location, just in case the guy who stole my laptop is reading this, singing “Away in the Manger”, or whatever Christmas song you like best.  I love all of them and am willing to sing them all as long as you show up to help.  As of now me, Sonia, Tyler, Dustin, Mark and maybe one or two more will be heading out on Monday morning.  We will travel to Biloxi, Mississippi, where we will spend the night at my dad’s house on the Biloxi River.  Then get up early Tuesday and load the truck.  Then Wednesday head back to Indiana.  At least that’s how I see it in my head.  My wife, on the other hand, has put together a much different itinerary.  In her head we are traveling back home to Indiana on Thursday.  We will see.

In all seriousness though, Christmas and moving do have something very important in common.  Christmas is all about moving.  It’s about the day that God moved out of eternity and made His home on earth.  He laid aside His glory and clothed Himself in human flesh.  Why would God want to move from the glories of heaven to a fallen creation?  The answer is you.  He became a man to obtain obedience for us and pay the penalty of our sin.  So that we, those who believe in Him, will stand before God one day clothed in the very Righteousness of Christ.  In other words if you believe the gospel Christ will move into your life and change you forever.

What a Savior is He.

Merry Christmas from your pastor,


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Stella says December 17, 2009

Love you guys and pray God with keep you close and safe.

Wayne says December 17, 2009

Thanking God for getting to know you and your family, and pleased that you visited today

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