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Prayer Request for November 2009

Nov 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during November, Click on Prayer Requests for November 2009  above, then type the prayer request in the comment box below.


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  1. your prayer request touched us.
    We are praying for you.
    God bless you.

  2. So many things to pray for. It just seems like I could sit here all day and type prayers and concerns that I have received just this week.

    There is Mr. Amos who continues to battle not only his sickness, but the system as well and his family who are just tired, overwhelmed, and sad. My friend Allison who lives in Knoxville TN caught her kitchen on fire and lost so much, but very thankful her family survived. Timmy Reece is facing his last days with cancer and Brother Nolan’s wife is doing bad.

    Then there is the lady who are housing is helping because she is homeless and even though they have helped her with an apartment for her and her 13 & 14 year old daughters she doesn’t even have anything to put in it: No food, no glasses, no beds, nothing she has nothing and is working for $7.50 an hour. God is good because after a few phone calls, people are stepping up with all kinds of things.

    Then there is Kim who’s transmission has went out and is costing $1600.00 to fix and Zaylee has H1N1, Quinton has pink eye, Mandy’s dad needs another surgery and Mandy needs a job. Our new friend Diane has brain cancer. My adopted granny fell and is very sore and hurt. Ashley and her kids are still battling illness.

    My Aunt Barb is still sick and my Aunt Carolyn is back in the hospital and not doing well, my cousin Karen had a heart attack…Oh and Regina’s plumbing is out, she is my friend who is in a wheel chair. Then there are my friends and family who are lost and if God comes back today or takes them home they won’t be going to Heaven and they know this and still won’t make the committment.

    Friends, I know my list is long and I bet many of you could write a book about your own prayer concerns and I could go on and on, but through all of these concerns isn’t it a relief to know that God is in complete control of each and everyone of these situations and that He can turn all of these concerns into praises. What a promise and what an awesome God we serve. I could sit here until He comes again and tell you all the things I am thankful for and they will always outweigh the bad.

    Keep pressing on until he comes again!


  3. Tim Rudolph is suffering very much right now with his kidney stones. Claudette said that he has been unable to eat. He has stayed in bed and is in a lot of pain. This has been really hard on him. He is depressed and needs our prayers.


  4. Please pray for Tim Rudolph. Tim was taken to the hospital this morning unresponsive. At this time, we have not received further news. Claudette telephoned us quickly as she was rushing to the hospital to be at his side. We know that our Heavenly Father is with Tim and the family. We are praying and asking all to lift Tim up in prayer. Tim we love you. We pray for strength, acceptance and the remembrance that our Father is in control. We pray that you will feel better soon.

  5. Please pray for the Rudolph family. Tim passed away at the hospital this morning. Toby called from the hospital and they were unable to lrevive Tim when thay got him to the hospital.

  6. Praying for Clauette, Paul qnd Seth in their loss. Thought a lot of Tim We can only pray for comfort and grace for the family.

  7. Also praying for Paul. Laura and Tyler and Mandy and Edna. The loss of Tim Rudolph affects a huge chunk of our church family.

  8. Message to all Census Bureau Friends who may come to our website since Tim has gone to Heaven. Please join us in using this venue to express your sympathy to the family if you wish,
    and to leave your prayer concerns for the family.


  9. Pray for Victoria and Miss. Stella. They were at the hospital all night last night with Victoria vomiting. They are headed back to the doctor office today.

  10. be in prayer for Victoria, they are admitting her into Charlestown hospital to try and find out what causing her to stay sick.

  11. Doggone things happen so quickly, Victoria just accepted me this morning as a Facebook friend and is now hospitalize, will certainly pray for her and Stella and little Quinton

  12. Remember Victoria in your prayers. She found out today that she has a hernia (i think i spelled that right).

  13. Be in prayer for George Logsdon. He will be having surgery Saturday to fix the hole in his neck. Once he heals from this surgery they will begin to fight the cancer in his lungs. Remember Mandy, Sharon, Susan, and Jeff and they are by their daddy’s side.

  14. Remember to pray for traveling mercies for Sonia and Toby. As a side note, pray that they dont get seasick.

  15. Praise God, George came through the surgery great, remember the family and George in your prayers as the healing begins and he can starts his fight with the cancer.

  16. To God be the glory, Victoria is feeling better, we will just have to see what the Dr. has to say next week.
    Thank you for all your prayer and visits.

  17. The food pantry was a blessing today, we had 32 families, thanks to all the donations lately we had plenty of food and we also had a lot of help today. Thank you. Praise God from whom all blessing come.

  18. Prayers please, I was in the emergency room all afternoon with a BADLY INFECTED TOE. Doc drained with a syringe and put me on 500 mg antibiotics. Dont know if I willl make it to church tomorrow or not as I am in a lot of pain at this time.

  19. God is so awesome, we just praise Him and thank Him for brothers and sisters in Christ who care and have a desire to take the gospel to others. The shoe box turn in yesterday was a great success. Our total for 180 boxes was double last year. To God be the glory.

  20. Please be in prayer for George, Mandy and the family. They told Mandy this morning that her dad’s lungs were not clearing up.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving to all my beloved church members and remember to give Him thanks

  22. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  23. be in prayer for Ron Knox. He passed out Wednesday night and fell hurting his neck. He is doing well but is in pain so please be lifting him up to the Lord.

  24. Please, be in prayer for the Operation Christmas Child team as they will be traveling. Pray for their safety, health, and that they bond as a body of believer to do God’s will.

  25. Be in prayer for Martha Chapman and family. Her husband passed away this morning.

  26. Tim Reece passed today and is riding with God now My prayers are with his children and family and friends. He will always be my knight in shing armor. Bless you God be with you Tim

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