How are you?

I hope that everyone is doing great.  I just wanted to write and let everyone know that I didn’t stop writing on purpose.  It was a complete accident.  I was walking out to the truck the other day and I fell down.  When I got up I had a bow in my hand and a tree stand on my back.  The next thing I knew I was hanging about 30 feet off the ground on the side of a tree.  Crazy Huh!!  I just wish I would have accidentally shot a big old buck.  However, I still answer my phone if you need me and I happen to accidentally land in a tree again.  Its kinda funny when people call and I’m whispering; they ask me if I’m sick.  I tell them, no, I’m whispering because I’m hunting.  It’s funny cause some people will start whispering back that their sorry for calling me.  I tell them I don’t mind if they call, and they don’t have to whisper.  But not everyone responds the same when I tell them that I’m hunting.  Candy laughed for 20 minutes.  She thought it was hilarious that I was hunting and answered my phone whispering.

There is a lot of things for us to do these coming weeks.  I hope that you find a place to get involved.  We still need people to work at the Fall Festival.  See Willy if you want to know where you can be used.  Also operation Christmas child is getting into full swing; if you would like to be involved with that see Sherry.  The youth are planning a bond fire, weeny roast and hay ride; if you would like to be involved with that see Matt.  Also, we are getting ready for our Christmas musical; if you would like to be involved see Enda or Mandy.  We also are trying to get the boulders moved into the ditch behind the church; if you would like to be involved in that see Mark.  Food pantry just got a bunch of diapers and paper products from the association.  We praise the Lord for that!  Beginning Wednesday the food pantry will be receiving can goods from the food drive that the school is doing; if you would like to be involved with that see Stella.  If you would like the help with the clothing closet see Robin.  Right now one of the greatest needs that we have as a church is people to volunteer to work with children and keep the nursery.  We need Nursery workers for Sunday mornings/nights and Wednesday nights;  If you would like to help see me.

God is so good to us!  I hope that you are growing in your love for Christ and His people.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you.

Your Pastor,


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Elizabeth Richhart says November 4, 2009

Hey Roger and I need to set up our last two classes with you,

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