Let us press on!!!!

We are in danger of stopping short of the great commission.  Some may think that we have fulfilled the great commission because we did an evangelistic crusade and many people came to know the Lord.  So now we are tempted to think that we can kick up the recliner and cruise for a while.  NO, NO, NO!!!!  We are not done!  Don’t misunderstand this as a rebuke, because it’s not.  At least not yet.  I see a danger and this post is preventive maintenance, so as, to steer us away from this pitfall.  That pitfall being our sitting back and putting the car on cruise control thinking that our work is done.  Don’t take me wrong.  I’m so proud of everyone of you and the hard work you put into taking the gospel to this community, but our work is not done.  The great commission is also about teaching and disciplining.   We’ve sent letters and e-mails to all those who trusted Christ, and I’ve sent letters to all the pastors who had members believe the gospel here last week, but many who believed don’t have a church.  It is our responsibility to go teach and disciple these babes in Christ.  Please join me in fulfilling the great commission God has mandated for our church.  We will leave the church tonight at 5:30 going to visit those new believers.  Please come!  If you can’t please pray!!!!

Also be praying for me as I prepare to preach God’s Word Sunday.  Pray that God would preach to me and change me so that I might preach to you from the heart the things that God has preached to me. Pray for our youth, pray for our food pantry, pray for our clothing closet, pray for our school, pray for our mission team, pray for our deacons, and pray for our staff.

In Christ,


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Robin says October 2, 2009

Thank you Brother Toby for that challenge. I have to admit that Brad was very anxious about last night. For a very long time our church has not been a church of visiting people outside of our own people. We are all gifted with many gifts that we are to use for the Lord, but full-filling the great commission is a task for all Christians. Our community is hurting and we need to reach out together to make sure that people here have heard the gospel.

I know that when Brad was nominated as Deacon, when we talked about it, I knew that sitting an example would be something we would both have to do. We both have failed so many times and been bad examples and even though we are covered by God’s grace and forgiveness I just pray that together we will do everything possible to live up to what the Bible says about a deacons and their wife. Keep praying for us, it is a very important role and we both take it very serious. I know that God has plans for us and we are excited about being used in a different role in our church body and pray that we will always do God’s will and never our own.

God is so good, Brad went last night anxious and came home excited and ready for the next round. I was home with Emma and couldn’t go, but together as we sat and read God’s word last night it was exciting to see how God got him through it and it changed his whole outlook and made us both continue to seek Him through word and prayer instead of watching TV.

Keep reminding us Brother Toby how important it is to minister and serve everywhere and most of all to spread the great news to everyone.

In Christ,


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