What an Amazing Week!!!!

  • September 24, 2009

It’s not every week that you get to see 4o people give their lives to Jesus Christ.  But that’s exactly what we saw this week at FBC  Henryville.  If you were not here this week you might be thinking that we had some high energy speaker with an emotional appeal to the audience, but you would be wrong.  Eric is a great speaker, but all he did was simply present the gospel and people believed.  The first night when the invitation was given my eyes got big and my jaw dropped.  That’s sad when the preacher is surprised that people are responding to the gospel in a positive way.  Later I felt convicted for my lack of faith.  I mean really, should not God’s people expect God to move in their presence.  Should not the preacher expect God to save people.  I felt like the young preacher who went to Charles Haddon Spurgeon for advice one day.  He asked Spurgeon how come no one was getting saved at his church.  He told Spurgeon, “I preach the gospel every Sunday but no one is giving their life to Christ.  Do you think something is wrong with my preaching?”  To which Spurgeon replied, “Young man, do you expect someone to get saved every time you preach?”.  The young preacher thought Spurgeon was consoling him, so he replied well of course not.  Spurgeon said, “well that’s what wrong”.  You preach the gospel that has power to change people’s lives, but you don’t really believe its going too.  I knew this story before this week began.  God have mercy on me for not expecting Him to change peoples lives.

I want to thank all of you for your hard work this week.  It has been so great watching all of you do the work of the ministry together.  The most exciting thing for me to see happen in Church is someone being born again, but the next most exciting thing is seeing God’s people coming together to glorify Christ through  praying, teaching, counseling, and leading people to Christ.  I believe that is what it means to be a great commission church.  We are taking the gospel to our community, and in January we are taking the gospel to India.   I really believe that God has done and is going to do, great things here at First Baptist Henryville.

Our next step is follow up.  I really believe that in order to fulfill the great commission we must disciple those who believed the gospel.  Jesus said,” go into all the world and make disciples.”  However, that’s not all that He said.  He says, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  I don’t want you to look at this as a job that we must do, but a privilege that we are blessed to be able to do.

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me.  Bless His Holy name.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus sweetest name I know!!!!

In Christ,

Toby Jenkins

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