The Weight!!!

The weight is so heavy!  The task of shepherding the people of God is no small task.  The concerns of a shepherd for a flock are many.  The Apostle Paul talks about loosing sleep because of his concern for the flock of God.  I know what that feels like, but I know that is the call of God for every pastor.  However, I must say, the weightiest of all the tasks of the pastor is preaching to His Bride, the Church.  I mean you’re the mouth piece of God.  This isn’t just some group of people, it’s His Bride.  I’m supposed to wash her with the water of His Word, so as to, present her clean to Him who has called me.  The weight is so heavy that I must crawl into His pulpit merely begging  Him to use me to this end.  Knowing that if He leaves me to myself it will be the worthless babbling of an idiot.  Knowing that unless He speaks no one will be changed.  May God in His mercy deliver me this morning and glorify Himself.  May He deliver all His preachers this morning.

Because of the Lamb,


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Wayne says September 8, 2009

I pray for all pastors to be relieved of pressure they feel either intended or otherwise. I ask for forgiveness of any pressure that I may have put on you as I know Ive been a pain in the kast week or two.

Pastor says September 10, 2009

The weight and pressure that I spoke of in the post is not from the people, its God. Knowing that I will one day stand before my Savior and be held accountable for how I treated, led, taught, preached, loved, and served His bride the Church. You have been no pain brother. I love you and love being your pastor.

Wayne says September 11, 2009

Is hoping you know we love having you being our pastor. Keep doing what you do brother.

wayne says September 15, 2009

Firmly believes that God did deliver you on Sunday in breathing within you a powerful sermon and working in the hearts of those in attendance.

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