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Prayer Request September 2009

Sep 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during August, please leave them below in a comment.  Click on Prayer Requests for August 2009 above.


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  1. Pray for the students of Henryville School. Also pray for Eric Ramsey as he will be speaking in the school on September 21 and 22. Pray for Elizabeth as she recovers from a successful gall bladder surgery. Also pray for Paul as he recovers from a torn Achilles tendon. Pray for Wayne as he recovers from a small stroke.

  2. be praying for Tim Rudolph. Claudett is at the Jewish hospital with him right now. He is having the same problems with his stomach.

  3. I will pray for Tim and ask that you remember me in your prayers as Im not recovering as quickly as I think I should.

  4. update on Tim, I saw him tonight at work. Mine not his. so evudebtly they just gave him some meds last night and dismisssed him.

  5. Please be in prayer for Brad’s Dad, Ronnie. He was injured at work last week and cracked a couple of ribs and one broke almost in to. When they were doing the x-ray, they didn’t like what they saw on his lungs and sent him immediately to his reg. Dr. for a Cat Scan which they are doing this morning (Sept 11, 2009)
    We will keep you updated on his results.

  6. Be in prayer for our family since Brad will be moving to 2nd shift in October. We are excited about his promotion, but nervous about the change. We prayed for God’s will and know that there is a reason He wanted this change, We are asking for prayer to not only prepare our family for change, but to be excited about what God wants to happen with this. We want our attitudes to be only thankful and pleasing to our Lord. We prayed for God’s will and we just want to accept it and be completely OK with it. We want to move forward in the direction He is taking us with a happy and obedient heart.

    Thank you for your love and encouragement always,

    Brad, Robin and Emma

  7. Thank you for your prayers for Brad’s dad, his lungs are fine, but his heart isn’t. Monday, September 21st he will go into Jewish Hospital for Open Heart Surgery. He has an aneurysm on his heart and they need to remove it. Please continue to pray for Him (Ronnie) and for our family. As you can imagine, this is very scary for all of us and this will be the 2nd open heart surgery for Ronnie.

    Again thank you for your love and encourgement always,

    Robin, Brad and Emma

  8. ooops, I messed up~~

    Brad’s Dad’s Surgery isn’t Monday, he is going to a the heart specialist Monday to schedule the surgery. Sorry, I miss-understood Brad when he called me at work. I will let you know the date of the surgery as soon as we find out.

    Thank You again!

  9. Please join me in praying that our efforts in the Eric Ramsey endeavor are blessed at HHS and HES.

  10. Pray for Jason Stinson who was just aquitted in the death of one of his football players in Louisville. Im sauew this has been trying on tthis young man since the death last August. He will need Gods comfort after the ordeal he has been thru.

  11. Please pray for Marcy and Ray Williams. Marcy will be induced on Monday and the baby’s name is Joe. Joe has a condition in which we need to be in prayer for. He has a 50% chance of making it through delivery.

  12. Please, pray that every commitment made last night is burning in our hearts. Pray that we will go out today and tell everyone we meet about the love of Jesus.

  13. Prayer of praise for the way God has worked in the hearts of these young people that have committed their lives to Christ in this evangelical outreach Especially join me in praying for whats yet to come on Wednesday. Im praying a prayer of Thanksgiving that the Lord has placed Eric Ramsey and his family in Henryville at this time.and for His allowing me to participate

  14. Praise God, I have to share this news with you all if you haven’t heard yet. Brad’s dad went to the Doctor and after the Doctor interviewed him and found out his history of having a birth defect many years ago and had to undergo Open heart surgery to repair it, the Doctor then decided to re-examined the test.

    After doing so, the doctor discovered that what He saw wasn’t an aneursym but scar tissue from Ronnie’s (Brad’s Dad) previous surgery. The artery is weakening, but surgery is out for now. Isn’t God wonderful?

    We have been praising Him and was so relieved and was very eager to share this great news with all of you and have with many, but with the busy week we might have not have told everyone and wanted to make sure everyone knows the great news. Please share with us in thanking God for this answered prayer.

    O Praise Him always~

    Brad, Robin and Emma

  15. Praise God, He is awesome

  16. Pray for Cheyene Mayfield. She collasped at the volleyball game tonight and was taken to Clark Co. Hospital. She was unresponsive. I”ve not heard any updates. Also, please pray for her friends as they are on their way to the hospital.

  17. gosh so young, Cheyenne will have my prayers, as well as her family. I dont know her mothers name but Matk is a friend.

  18. Please pray for God to help our son pass his med school exam 7-1-15 with very high score he’s been diligently working very hard for. Thank you. ( Waiting for results ).

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