It’s a Miracle!!!

  • August 26, 2009

Everyone has been praying for Henry Gillie because he was diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago.  They did a biopsy on his lymph nodes in his lungs to see if the nodes had cancer in them because the PET scan show it his nodes were a  hot spot.  Well, the praise is that yesterday they found his lymph nodes to be free of cancer.  However, they still were going to do the surgery Thursday to remove the spot of cancer, but today they did a biopsy of the spot of cancer which also showed up on the PET scan.  Well, when they got in there to look they could not find the cancer.  They went back again to make sure and it was not there anymore. They were amazed and even went back to look at the old test and sure enough the cancer was there on the old test, but after looking again they told Henry and Barbra it wasn’t there anymore and sent them home.

I was at the hospital with Henry and Barbara today before he went to the biopsy this evening, but I never expected to see them in church this evening and hear them say the cancer was gone.  It was so moving to look at him teared up and tell me the cancer was gone.  They are so excited and the whole church rejoiced with them tonight.  God answers prayer.

What an awesome God we serve.  He is a God who loves us and cares about us more than we care about ourselves.  We don’t deserve Him.  But thank God He doesn’t give us what we deserve.  What a Savior, What a Savior!

Because of the Lamb,


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