I really need everyone’s help for the evangelistic outreach into Henryville School.  Our speaker Eric Ramsey will be speaking to the Junior High, and High school on September 21, in the morning.  At the end of his presentation he will be inviting them to come to FBC at 6:30 where they will hear about the most important decision they will ever make.  Then on Tuesday he will speak to the elementary and invite them back to FBC and present the gospel to them.

Now here is where I need you.  You all ask me what I would do to reach the students in the school before you called me, and I told you I didn’t know for sure. But I assured you that I would find a way to get in the school.  Well, God in His grace has given us favor by opening up the way to get a speaker in the school.  Now I need your help to make this happen.  Eric says if we advertise this right we will have  atleast a hundred students every night.  That means we are gonna need lots of help.  Lots of pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream.  I need artist to make fliers and poster.  I need you!!  We are having a meeting after the morning service this Sunday and will have a sign up sheet for you to pick an area you want to serve. I need envelope stuffers.  That’s people to put the fliers in envelopes and write addresses.  Someone has already donated the stamps all I need now is your spit.  Come use your spit for the glory of God.

Tomorrow, Friday the 21st we are decorating our float for the community parade.  If its dry we will start the decorating at 6:30 @ my house.  If it is raining we are going to start the decorating at 6:30 @ Charlies’ barn.  Everyone is invited to come and help.  Also you are invited to bring your children to ride on the float.

Now I must get to studying.  I am so far behind its not funny.  Pray for God to open my eyes to the message He wants me to preach, and pray that He anoint me to preach it to you His bride.

In Christ,


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Stella says August 20, 2009


Not much on spit, but I have a damp sponge and would enjoy stuffing envelope for the glory of God.
Just let me know when and where.

Donna says August 20, 2009

I can spit a lot. Let me know when. Ned and I will halp wherever you need us.

Wayne says August 20, 2009

I will help when Im not working. And we should check out Goodfellows as they used to offer 5 buck Pizzas

Brad and Robin says August 21, 2009

Bring on the kids! We are ready to serve anywhere God needs us. We are excited about spreading the Gospel to our community and especially to our local children and youth.

God is opening doors for us and we all need to charge through them together for His purpose and Glory.

Praising God for so many things, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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