Church Flooded Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its kinda of comical if you ask me.  The first time the church flooded everyone said this hadn’t happen since back in the 6o”s.  Then the church flooded again and now its flooded again.  And to top it off it flooded in the month that everybody said I would praying for rain in.

God is so good!!  Even though the church is full of mud His people are full of praise.  We decided this morning to put off the clean up till tomorrow because it didn’t seem the power was gonna come back on any time soon.  So if you are free tomorrow, please come give us a hand cleaning the church.  It’s gonna take a lot of elbow grease to get all this mud out of here.  Its worse this time than it was the two times before.  Now I’m gonna get to reading Spurgeon and study for Sunday morning.  Jesus turns water into wine.

In Christ,

Toby Jenkins

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Wayne says August 6, 2009

I have been told that we are referring this flood to insurance. Maybe we should suggest that ServiceMaster services our building as they have am excellent odor remover.. Just a suggestion.

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