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Prayer Request August 2009

Aug 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during August, please leave them below in a comment.  Click on Prayer Requests for August 2009 above.


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  1. Pray that we get all of the work done this morning at church work day.

  2. Prayer of praise, Victoria’s tests were OK.

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!! Like the dew on the hedges in the morning; His mercy and grace is new every day to covers us.

  4. Please be in prayer for Henry and Barbra Gillie. He found out yesterday that he has lung cancer in his left lung. At this point they don’t know anything other than that he has it in one lobe and possibly the lymph nodes. So be in prayer as he will find out more in the following days.

  5. Praise God, even through the mud, God is good!
    May He bless all, who have prayed, moped and done whatever needed to be done to get the building ready for use.

  6. Pray for our young people today as they go back to school.

  7. Hello all, Things here has been ROUGH, since William’s Mom passed.We all have alot to be thankful for, but, things are complycated at times. William has been going through a bad depression phase. I dont know how to help him. I’ve tried to get him to see a Dr. but no previell.As for me? I’m having surgery tomorrow having a cancer removed in the morning, on my right shoulder. The DR. said everything should do good. As for Shiloh I have’t been there but once or twice since you left.I have been to Warrenton Independent Baptist Church, quiet a few times.I would like to think ya”ll for being here when his Mom passed away. We love ya’ll and miss yall.We send our Love and best wishes. Take Care and Love everyone. THE CADE”S

  8. Be in prayer for Gene Speigelhalder. He is in surgery right now getting medal rods in his neck. Please pray for him and Rita.

  9. Update on Gene- They took him off the life support this evening and was talking up a storm. He is hoping to be able to come home soon so continue to pray for him as he heals.

  10. Thanks for the update on Gene as I consider him as a friend of mine. I do hope both Gene and Rida return to church.

  11. Please be praying for the gospel singing fundraiser tonight

  12. Please pray for my friends…Willie Mae and Rachel. They are in need of prayer. Willie Mae is 95 and isn’t doing well and Rachel is her care taker and is having some personal issues.

    Thank You!

  13. Please, be in prayer for Quinton, as of last night he is still running a temp.

  14. Be in prayer for our efforts at the Community Day Celebration on Saturday and a suggestuon to offer: Have a bucket set up there to collect some donations for the trip to India. It wasnt much but last year we started late and paid for our space rental and got about $ 50 to work for God.

  15. I went out to visit with Gene Speigelhalder. He is in pain so be praying for him to have relief from the pain. He is in good spirits but is in pain so lift him up to the thrown of grace.

  16. Please be in prayer for Pamela Wilkerson. She is very sick an needs our prayers. Also pray for her daughter Melisa who is by her side.

  17. Please be in prayer for the Wampler family who has lost their dad, brother and now their mother in the last couple of years.

  18. As we plan for Eric Ramsey to come speak to the school and us, please be in prayer that the seed may fall on good ground and that we may be willing to work for the harvest that God has in store for us. To God be the glory.

  19. Please pray for Mr McKee Munk a long time and well respected member of this community. Hospice has been called in for him.

  20. Hey I just want to let everyone know that Henry Gillie came through his biopsy with some goods news. Although he still has the cancer they found his lymph nodes to be clear. This is really good news! So praise the Lord for answered prayers. He will have surgery soon so I’ll keep you posted. Continue to pray for Gene as he recovers from his surgery.

  21. Kim’s dad, Odell Pritchard. I requested prayer for him last night. Things have gotten worse this morning.

    They’ve called the family in. He has lung cancer and the chemo has damaged his heart, the doctor’s have told them there is nothing that can be done.

  22. Please be in prayer for Lelian Ater.

  23. Remember Elizabeth, she has surgery Scheduled tomorrow (Wednesday, September 2, 2009) at Clark Memorial at 9:00 a.m. for Gall bladder.

  24. Thanks to all those who prayed for meduring my hospitalization. I suffered a CVA but the catscan and MRI didnt show any major damage. I am to take it easy for the rest of this week but without limitations. Praise God for watching over his people.

  25. To God be the glory, Quinton’s surgery went well, Thank you for your prayer. God is Good

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