Boulders on the Playground

Its cute to look out the back door of the church and see a big pile of boulders on the play ground.  People are probably driving by thinking, “man, those must be some tough kids”.  I hope all of you are planning to be here Saturday at 8:00 am for church work day.  I think those boulder are really going to make that ditch look good.

Last post I was requesting help for admissions day at the Henryville High School.  Well, I just got word back from the principal that we can’t do this.  He said that someone would definitely be offended if we did that.  However, he said that I could get a hold of Tim Kyser and we could set up an FCA booth.  But I’ve been unable to get in touch with him for a couple days.

Be in prayer about the first 4 Sunday nights in August as we try to reach out to the children in our community.  I talked to Allen yesterday and He said he has all the positions filled, but would find a place for anyone else who wanted to help.  I also want everyone to understand that we will still be having our Sunday night preaching.  I’m still praying about whether I should continue the sermon series on Philippians or do a 4 sermon series on something else while we are doing this out reach.  Just be praying for God to guide me in this decision.

Invite someone to church this Sunday.  We are going to have one last sermon on the 1st chapter of the gospel of John before moving on to chapter 2.  What I’m gonna do is look at all the different names that John uses in his description of Jesus.  John calls Jesus the Word, the Light, the Lamb of God, the Son of God, Rabbi, Messiah, King, Son of Man.  Please come asking God to speak to you.

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Wayne says August 20, 2009

Look acrosss the street from the boulders. The ones placed around the new Family Dollar location look to be about the density as the new boulders that appeared on the church property that no one seems to know about.

Pastor says August 20, 2009

I say its a really nice jester if that is the case. Its not many dollar stores that will buy rocks for the local church. LOL

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