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Prayer Request for July 2009

Jul 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during July, please leave them below in a comment.  Click on Prayer Requests for July 2009 above.


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  1. Pray for God to move and work through VBS.

  2. Please be in prayer for Diane’s mother Nancy Isaacs. She had a small heart attack and is in the hospital. Sonia and I are going to the hospital right now, so we will update you later on her condition

  3. Be praying for Mrs. Erma’s brother, Gene Jones. He is going to have surgery to put in a pace Maker.

  4. Continue to pray for my nephew’s daughter Sarah who is three. She had her first chemo treatment yesterday for kidney cancer. Also pray for her parents and family.

  5. Allen called this morning and was in really bad pain. Please pray for God to give him relief from this pain and even pray for God to heal him if it is His will. He is hurting so bad and needs our prayers and our support during this. He said it was unbearable pain and it is in his hips.

    Thank you!

  6. Will be praying for Allen everytime I pray. He is too good a fellow to be in so much pain.

  7. Please pray for the group leaving today that God will use them in a powerful way to help some lost souls. Also for traveling mercies

  8. Thanks for the prayers because the medicine was not working. I am doing much better.
    God bless you all.

  9. Pray for Tim Rudolph. He is in a lot of pain and needs our prayers.
    This is what Tim posted on FACEBOOK…. “Pain, and plenty of it. Looks like those hernias have finally gotten the best of me. I can take alot of pain, but enough is enough”.

  10. spoke with Tim tonight and he said he was going to try to get in a hospital this week. He said the pain had gotten unbearable. He definitely needs our prayers.

  11. Pray for my cousin Jamie Jenkins O’conner. Her son Cash O’conner will be having surgery on September 2 and asks that we be in prayer.

  12. Melanie asks that we prayer for her uncle Larry who has been given two days to live. And she also asks that we pray for her aunt Mildred, Larry’s wife, that God would use this to bring her to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  13. Saw Mrs Erma and she informed me that her brother was home and doing Ok with oral medication and would not have to undergo a procedure at this time. Praise to God as prayer is answered.

  14. Spoke with Claudette last night and she told me that Tim is presently in Jewish Hospital undergoing heart testt and that if they go well, he would probably have the surgery to remove/repair the hernias on Monday.

  15. Sonia and I went to see Tim at the Jewish hospital and he had just finished having the heart test.. The doctor says that he is sending him home today or tomorrow. They want him to loose some weight and said that the pain was due to gall stones. So he will have the surgery in January on everything at once. He seemed to feel good today and he felt the heart test went good.

  16. We also went to the hospital to see Diane and Todd who had their baby at 3:30 this morning. Everything went great.

  17. Please, be in prayer for the young man injured, Sunday in the ball game,

  18. Hello i would like to pray for my dad Jacques, who went to Sao Paulo Brazil on sunday where he has a very important business meeting on tuesday in the medical field for a Brazilian company who wants to buy a factory that my dad is selecting. If you could pray for my dad to make this major sale, and for he and my mom to be saved, he has been helping me through the years when i have not been making much money, and may God reward him for all his tremendous financial help to me! Also if you could pray for his salvation and my mom’s! They know the christian message but did not accept it: God bless! God bless Fabien

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