Boom! Boom! All Through the Night

  • June 11, 2009

The weather was booming last night!!  Muddy water filled the fellowship hall and the gym.  Thanks to all of you who showed up to clean the muddy water out of the Church.

I couldn’t help but wonder what our Lord must think when He sees the church full of mud like that.  Then I thought that’s what the church looks like everyday He looks at it.  By church I do not mean the building.  Really, everyday God looks at His Bride and she is so filthy.  We woke up this morning to a church building full of mud, but God’s church is continually full of mud.  That’s why preachers are called to preach the Word in season and out of season, to wash His bride with the Word (Ephesians 5:26).  So as to present His bride adorned in white with out spot or blemish.  Washed in the Word, the precious blood of Christ.

I am thankful that God’s people joined in together today and cleaned the mud from the church.  But I am so much more thankful that His Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life to wash the real church, the Bride of Christ, white as snow.  What can wash away my sins?  NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS! What a Savior, what a Savior!!!  Thank you Jesus!!  The whole thing is just got me so excited.  Not just the imagery but seeing God’s church come together and getting things done.  Thank you guys so much.  I love all of you.

Can’t wait to see you all Sunday morning to worship our King.  Bring a friend and be praying for God to move in your heart and life.  And please pray that God would anoint me to preach with much boldness and clarity the glorious richness of the Gospel of Christ.

Because of the Lamb,

Pastor Toby

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