Preachers First Pro. Baseball Game

I’m glad to report that Henry’s Surgery went good this morning.  So lift up a prayer of praise to our Great God.

I just finished up my sermons for Sunday and I’m sitting at my desk thinking about my plans for this evening.  It’s kind of exciting to think that I’m going to my very first Pro. Baseball game.  Brad is taking me, Ryan, and someone else to Cincinnati to watch a game between the Reds and the Cubs.  I don’t know which one I should root for.  Maybe yall could leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me who you like.  Regardless I’m excited about going.  My wife has been to see the Atlanta braves, and she thought it was fun.  I’ll let you know what I think and whether or not I’m a Reds fan or Cubs fan.

Anyway, I’m about to go home and eat lunch with the family.  You guys be good and I’ll see you all on Sunday.

P.S. –  Check out the new Calendar on the website.  Ms. Stella has got an announcement page up and running until we have the calendar page that the Website guy is uploading for us.

Also Matt and I are working on getting the sermons put on the website in audio.  This Sunday will be our first attempt at doing this, so be praying.



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Wayne says June 5, 2009

Im thinking you will see something unimaginable. I advise you to watch the ball if you can..

Stella says June 5, 2009

Pray you all have a safe, fun filled evening. God Bless

Donna says June 5, 2009

Have a great time and root for the Reds. If you’re not sure it’s always wise to root for the home team.

Edna says June 5, 2009

Ryan is a die-hard Cubs fan, so it may be fun to talk some “trash” !
I also noticed somebody may be hacking into Stella’s events page…saying that “Bro Toby would be taking all the prizes at the fishing tournament”??

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