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Prayer Request for June 2009

Jun 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Prayer Requests

If you have prayer requests for your brothers and sisters in Christ to lift before the Lord during June, please leave them below in a comment.  Click on Prayer Requests for June 2009 above.


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  1. Pray for my aunt Jesse. They sent her home with Hospis care. My aunt Becky’s surgery went good. I really appreciate your prayers.

  2. Pray for Victoria’s mother. she has liver cancer.

  3. Please pray for Stella and Victoria traveling. Victoria’s mother is in critical care.

  4. Appreciate your prayers. Continue to pray for Victoria, her mother, and the step father, he would not let her see her mother after we got to Paducah. Been a long night but God is good and we are safe at home.

  5. My mom starts kemo today so be praying for her. Pray that it doesn’t make her too sick.

  6. Please pray for bro. Al Richardson. He is in the Clark Memorial Hospital.

  7. Bill Gatheridge called today and asked that we pray for his wife, Rowena. She fell and has been in the hospital and rehab for the past five weeks. She is at home now but still has therapy to go through. Bill and Rowena are charter members of our church.

  8. Charlie and I went to see Al this morning and he is really feeling bad. Please pray for him and especially pray for Mrs. Vi.

  9. Ned and I went to see Bill and Rowena today, and she is still healing up from her fall. So please continue to pray for her to heal and get back on her feet again. Also pray for Bill because he is doing all of the cooking and cleaning and clothes.

  10. Please, be in prayer for Bro. Al Richardson, for Mrs. Vi, Todd, Angie and Julie and their families.
    Bro. Al is in ICU on life support at this time.

  11. Pray for Kathy Greene, she will be having surgery for kidney stones Saturday Or Sunday, ( not sure which day) in Bogota . Also remember Mrs. Greene as she waits at home to hear from Kathy.

  12. I just talked to Margaret Greene. Kathy’s surgery has been changed to Tuesday. Also Margaret is not feeling well and I told her we would pray for her.

  13. Bro. Toby just called. Bro. Al went home to meet Jesus a little while ago. Pray for his family.

  14. For your information: Bro. Al is at Grayson Funeral Home in Charlestown. Visitation is Wednesday from 3:00 until 8:00 and Thursday morning from 9:00 until the funeral that is at 11:00. He will be buried in the Charlestown cemetery. We will have a meal for them at the church after that. Remember to pray for the family.

  15. Please remember to pray for Mom. She suffered a fall again this morning at 3:00 am and we just returned from the ER where she was checked out and released with a deep bruise in her chest.

  16. Information: The deacons have decided to cancel our prayer service Wednesday so that we may all pay our respects to Bro. Al Richardson. His visitation is at Grayson’s funeral Home from 3:00 until 8:00.

  17. Ruth Milner’s nephew has a 3yr. old daughter, Sarah, that has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. She has had surgery and will begin chemo before she leaves the hospital and will have treatments every week for 6 months. Please pray for Sarah and her family,

  18. Please pray for us as we travel this week for vacation. Pray for us to have a safe and pleasant drive, thanks:o)

  19. Please, pray for Victoria, her mother passed away last night. They are doing a autopsy, so there are no arrangements yet.

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